Craftsmen under the lens。 Shooting team for Beijing BEIJING, October 30 electricity (show on Yuan) Recently, taken by a non-professional documentary "In Search of craft," became popular on the Internet。 Three creative lasted three years and, after 23 provinces, with "Walking record" way 199 craftsmen and 144 traditional craft to the front of an audience。
After the film sparked intense online on-line response, many users striving to "tap", four recommended。
Some netizens said he was "steeped in traditional crafts in China, that do not want to fast forward, our traditional culture needs to be handed down。 "" Looking craft "watercress score points has been" looking for craft "was described as a 'Walking' documentary, a documentary by three 'outsider' film was finished, the cross-domain 23 provinces, visited 199 craft who recorded the pottery, bronze statue, Yingjisha knife, blue printed fabric, paper umbrella, etc. 144 traditional craft。 As of the 27th, "In Search of craft" (Bilibili website) the amount of play in the B station nearly 520,000, playing nearly 40,000 the number of curtain, other platforms play nearly 1 million, watercress score as high points。 It was directed by Zhang six months ago can not imagine the。 At that time, this is only part "soil falling", even doubt "really sucks" documentary。
Screenshot: "Looking craft" shooting team director when filming selling expenses in the fourth decade, the director Zhang decided to shoot "looking for craft"。 At that time, he is experiencing the first economic crisis of life, always thinking, "I'm in the pursuit of what," at this juncture, he suddenly wanted to make a documentary, but the theme is the traditional craft of choice。 To this end, Zhang sell a house as a shooting funding, dragging a second-hand car equipment were on our way, there are two companion, photographer and sound engineer Yu He Sigeng climb。 He Sigeng is a cultural and educational IT professionals, had to be pulled when the driver, a part-time to take pictures, the photographer Xiaojiang something after exit, it has become a substitute camera。
"Looking craft" Shooting Team。 Figure metaphor for the shooting team is climbing after a 90 guy, would have been when the inn manager at Shangri-La, because "there is a wild heart" and flew to Beijing, two days of training on the posts。
This team really can be said to "lay", however, precisely because of this "lay", which gave the documentary adds a different kind of feeling。 Presents the image of a real person craft programmer 23-year-old colt, is one of the "water" of the film, he said was "positive and fused together footage" style attraction, "the feeling is not the same with other documentaries, it is true, very funny"。
The documentary "From the beginning, I did not want to make a 'routine' of。 "In the director Zhang view, a lot of emphasis on technique and the film did not show the true image of craftsmen。 We will Balamand instruments elderly。 Shooting team courtesy "I grew up living in the countryside, a child my favorite is the craftsmen, they are often a village of the most intelligent person, not some yard chip shot so stiff。
"Zhang believes that when shooting craftsmen, creators must take the attitude lowered, so that pieces of houses were showing what he really is。 Zhang said he did not want to shoot out of the traditional craft merely curious, not because of stupid artisans craft before we do, they have a lot of people who do not have the quality。
Yoshiko Yu Lang。
Respondents Figure keen for young reporters to see the traditional craft, not only is "looking for craft", many associated with the traditional craft of documentary film and television drama in recent years have been favorable for users。 The "I repair cultural relics in the Palace" watercress score high points。 Some young people, has become a traditional craft of a man。
This year 22-year-old Lang Yoshiko Yu in Beijing "flour Lang" third-generation descendant, his grandfather Lang Choain is the founder of Lang home dough, and once thanks to "face the king" Zhao wide out as a teacher, was also published between Bing early article praised "flour Lang" craft。
From the age of three, Yoshiko Lang Yu began studying with his father dough, independent producers could face six years old who, eight-year-old began to squeeze doll, whichever is absorbed by the age of sixteen was an exception Beijing Folk Artists Association members, eighteen year-old turned members。 Lang Yu Yoshiko 20 years were spent in the company of the dough。
Yoshiko Lang Yu dough works。 Respondents courtesy "When I do find it amusing that dough。
"Until high school, Lang Yu Yoshiko really well aware of the love of dough。
When the college entrance examination voluntary reporting, he specifically chose culture and communication professionals, "I want to learn about how culture and tradition spread dough。
"Lang Yu said Yoshiko。
In college, many students are interested in on the dough, as long as there is an opportunity, good son Yu Lang will teach students dough on the "creative handmade" activities, "I just hope that when they see the faces of people, but also recall had been pinching myself, it was enough。 "Lang Yu expressed Yoshiko。 Yoshiko Lang Yu dough works。 In fact, respondents courtesy Yoshiko Yu Lang as students, as many young people are interested in traditional crafts。
Pony had been to a Jingdezhen porcelain all kinds fascinated him, "Chine, they will put a porcelain jar on the fire, the color change by Cigang burned to determine whether the fire should be entered, plus"。
Pony said, when science and technology developed, craft people to achieve their goals through some of the unique know-how, this wisdom feels both strange and magical。 From Jingdezhen back pony on the Internet to find documentary about ceramic art point of view, but also the traditional craft after a few more attention to this topic。
"Traditional craft itself is very interesting, it is still very attractive。 "Pony said。
Yoshiko Lang Yu dough works。
Respondents courtesy traditional craft of how to attract young people?Although the traditional craft interesting, but how to attract more young people to?Lang Yu seems in good son, or to "ground gas", do not rest on its laurels。 To this end, he was in the creation of figurines, deliberately blend of a lot of contemporary elements, such as small yellow people, basketball, king of glory, etc.。 "Let the dough to reach the artistic image of the modern aesthetic system," Lang Yu believes good son, so that the traditional craft display a new image, which will attract more young people, his modern themes dough is welcomed by this logic。 Yoshiko Lang Yu said he wanted to make better works, so that more people understand the traditional craft。 "This goal is difficult to do?It is difficult not difficult。 "Yoshiko Lang Yu said he was a good time to catch up, 'and now efforts to support large, we have more and more attention, the conditions are just fine'。
Yoshiko Lang Yu dough works。
Respondents courtesy during shooting in four months, Zhang saw and recorded many traditional crafts, pottery, bronze statue, porcelain and other crafts, there are rice paper, printed blue fabric, embroidered blankets, and other daily necessities, there Balamand, sheepskin rafts, craft paper umbrella and so have little to do someone。 In his view, young people began to prefer the traditional craft, not just technology itself, more important is the people who craft the "Manner"。
Zhang said, the audience will have a "psychological projection effect" when watching documentaries, because the film house craftsmen are confident, so confident heart is projected to the audience, the audience will feel the warmth where。
Zhang writes, in the director's notes, the "craftsmen, and their craft, their products, along with their environment, forming an invisible warmth。
This warm expression beyond the text and images of records, it is always around me, I do not know how to express this "it" may be able to call it 'Chinese craftsman spirit' 'Chinese culture' 'Chinese people Manner "and so on, but it must be China, and closely linked to our hearts。 "Zhang felt that his own job well, everyone can be a craftsman than 'artisan spirit' craft, this craft is worth studying young to remember。
Editor: Fei Fan。