What do you know?I believe most people have heard the word sub-health, then what for you to know how much of sub-health?The following night on the network to talk with you about what sub-health。
You know how many sub-health medicine believes that human health is a human and the natural, social coordination, dynamic balance of yin and yang and their results, namely: "Yin Pingyang secret, the spirit of governance", if the imbalance of yin and yang can produce sub-health state and even。So, who can adjust the body's yin and yang balance measures, can be used as a means of sub-health treatment, Chinese medicine is quite effective interventions, may be made in terms of psychology, sports,, food, medicine, music, etc.。Although there is no clear body disease, but on the physical, psychological and emerge feeling all sorts of maladaptive state, thus showing a physiological state of a reduced force to adapt to the outside world, this state and more from the human physiological dysfunction, degeneration, caused by aging。Its manifestations are cheerful, ability to respond loss, decreased ability to adapt ,, forgetfulness, metabolic disorders, loss of appetite, weakness ,, depressed mood, irritability, etc.。
How to regulate the body sub-health "Su asked to larger theory of truth": "yin and yang, where the police and would like to transfer it to level three。"You know how many are sub-health body said the situation should be based on different periods of yin and yang, the 'inner movement' that is, organs, blood, physiological essence of movement, and 'external movement' that is mental, physical and harmony, to maintain balance。Therefore, to deal with sub-health is the same reason, only to maintain the relative balance inside the body to relieve sub-health symptoms: 1, massage massage can be effective prevention and treatment of sub-health, because the use of massage on the human body or corresponding parts, stimulating the meridians and acupoints, to adjust the body's physiological functions, promote human blood circulation, improve the pathological environment。