My childhood was spent in the growth of the small courtyard of Althea.    It was a very ordinary small farm house Lunan plain.Located in the north of the village of East Main Street, small in size, but the main building and the west wing and taste.According to the elders say, this turned out to be a small hospital south of the house, my grandfather is a doctor in rural areas where the soil, then south along the street is in the house, people come to see a doctor of his interrogation pulse for the village eight miles, singing party prescription.    So a small courtyard, all around the house, in the middle of the open area is more like a natural southern courtyard patio.It is in this little courtyard-like courtyard, the growth of a hibiscus tree.Taiwan incense tree to fall back on the right side of the main entrance of the main room, canopy cover the east side of the door that little window frames, with their own flowers bloom all year round, decked seasons small farm house.    Althea, also known as hibiscus trees, northern flowers can grow into a tree much, but Althea was able to grow into a tree.I was a child often climb to the hibiscus tree, frog sitting in the play is not high Shu Chashang.Grow up access to information to know, hibiscus belongs to the Malvaceae, open flowers are white, pink and purple several.Our family tree hibiscus tree, out of flowers, the color is a hint of pink.    Stay in my memory of Althea, the biggest feature is the long-flowering and flower of introverted, she brings people, is an elegant indifferent sense of Tianshi.Hibiscus flowers are not competing of spring, but the plants Zhengchun flirty out after the limelight, until June and July, with a lot of flower seeds gradually subsided, she did not take it lightly quiet sound to open, with their own quality Pu Wenjing beauty, dotted with hot summers and cool autumn.    That is, when the height of bloom, hibiscus flower group will not have to show clusters of cotton, but a blossoming spread in lush green foliage leaves, prosthetic with green leaves under the shade of pink, adaptable to belong waiting own time and space.Until the fall sunshine, just like the completion of its mission, the petals will quietly close up.    This tough eternity without unassuming beauty, talent is like a quiet rustic girl, never to cater to the fashion swagger compelling, you just approached her, to feel an inner stick beautiful.    Althea has a gentle nature, dependents, and many of her beautiful face and flower seeds containing the toxin is completely different, except she can watch, you can eat.When buds form, pick one on the mouth, the taste is cool crunchy; wait until the flowers bloom, although the flavor is not strong, but it captures a petal in his mouth, but it is sweet and smooth wire.    Althea eat, early in the “Book of Songs” in there records.In some areas, like the south of Fujian, there is something called “flower face” of food, Althea is to mix and noodles, add chopped green onion oil fried..Micro-state area in the mountains south of my hometown, many places with Althea cook tofu, bean curd made from hibiscus, there is a unique and delicious flavor.    When I was young, my grandmother would pick a day twelve noon Althea let me eat, and it can detoxify.But we never home when the Althea food, even in the three years of natural disasters, not enough food to eat, to be mixed with all kinds of wild plants to eat, it will not pick that flower garden trees, because adults feel that if they are lighting up, the tree will be mad.They think, for people to enjoy the flowers not endure, is the dress environment, pleasant-cultivation.    Eye candy often used to describe beautiful or pretty views, I think the so-called “food can be” a real sense, is reflected in the builds character, because the United States to cultivate high-quality human nature, the sublimation of human taste.Our family tree hibiscus, create for me with the same period of little friends completely different environment, I grew up in character on the show tenderness and toughness side, including not playing like knives get the gun, and like quiet reading, and the influence of this environment is that there is a certain relationship.    Long to bed at night began to think thoughts of age, Althea front of the house began to initiate me into all sorts of reverie.Finally one day, while adults do not pay attention, I climb picked, two were in bloom hibiscus, ran out to the temporary home of sister.Pro family, like baby sister was like, the flowers in my hands, repeatedly watching repeatedly heard.Heard enough to be waiting to see enough, I will spend poured in one hand, freeing the other hand, carefully pick a petal, into his mouth, while slowly Pinza a while threw me that age-specific green eyes.At this time, I feel that special sense of accomplishment.    With slowly grow older, I’m embarrassed to take the initiative to the girls of the same age of the flowers.They did not say the extra time to go home every day after school, the girls play with the original, not to the ground and mowing, housework is to tidy up at home, parents work to help children, can not spare extra time and then do all kinds of “flowers for the media,” the game.    However, chatting away when it rain, especially in rainy days, the girls will be inserted by reason cutting the branches grow flowers and trees, to our home to stopping child.They came, often standing outside the house to chat a while days, and finally cut a length of branches to get back on the grounds that the rainy weather, hibiscus tree branches, into the ground is most likely to take root.    Later often recall these scenes, I will come up before this awareness in mind: old tree hibiscus tree in the yard, to develop my childhood and teenage temperament character should be played a better potential impacts.In rural Lunan, yard planted peach, apricot, jujube, few, however, are not the result of a planted trees and flowers, it occupies is not that big of living space, who my ancestors are is so stylish, early farmers will be able to go beyond the utilitarian style?    On this issue, I never asked, no one talked to me.Until last year, his father passed away, Uncle home to talk about his father’s funeral, I did not know what was going on.Lift the father, Uncle sighed: Due to the unique nature of your grandfather, your father from a young age began to become the mainstay of the family.    It is from Uncle memories, we learn more about the grandfather who is a fashionable rural medical knowledge of some knowledge, not much interested in farm work.While in rural areas, according to the city he was everywhere the way people organize their lives.In addition to the pursuit of medical knowledge, gardening is a stroll birds.So mild-mannered fellow, in the yard landscaping and planting a hibiscus tree have medicinal value, it is reasonable that natural.    I suddenly realized, no wonder we have so much at home in the past and farming detached ocean stuff, such as what cages, hookahs and so on, I read in elementary school language textbook Shihai wonder, neither our family nor landlords and rich peasants, and We do not live in the city, how there these past rich people have things?By Uncle said, he knew that the city people are learning to live grandfather left behind relics.    After my grandfather died, my father became head of the family support the family, he has no other idea, is relying on its own strength, single-minded entrepreneurial fortune to live.Slowly, those casual plaything for my grandfather left behind, they have been marginalized to the corner.We have been able to proudly erect, and there were only a hibiscus tree.The reason it can be recognized by his father, openly occupies an important position up the little hospital, in my opinion, is with her is both ornamental and practicality have a direct relationship.    Althea resistant to drought resistance, barren, cold-resistant, and resistant to shade.Sweet and cool, can be used as a medicine, food may be a wet heat flooding, detoxifies.There are records that the Great Heat to between Chushuben, the election sunny morning, picking dried flowers when half open, also has a cooling blood to stop bleeding, anti-inflammatory cough.    I like Althea, she can be described as pretty and intelligent, have good moral character.    In order to understand her image in the hearts of the world, I checked the Internet search Althea florid, can be summarized in two points: First, the gentle insistence, the second is the eternal beauty.    I think the so-called gentle insistence, that she is dull without losing the rhyme thick, introverted contains rigid; the so-called timeless beauty, it should be a symbol of the beauty resides in tough, it is a flower, opening hours It is short, but the overall beauty is eternal, even if the tone thanks, but also to meet more gorgeous to open tomorrow.    All this will make people think of the phrase: indifferent to Ming, Calm Heart.    I like Althea, she left me, not only sweet and warm memories of childhood, but then out of the home for decades acted character.Starting from the growth of Althea small courtyard, facing things change, no matter when and where, at heart, tenacity, faith love the character, I have never changed!