Beitun snow, it has always been colorful, fascinating and charming, colorful and known.When winter comes, like New Year’s Day bumper year thanks to visiting friends and relatives, as wave and wave, cordial, warm, natural.She sometimes anxious wind, sometimes slow water; sometimes light as a feather, sometimes as heavy as gold; sometimes make you love to death, and sometimes make you hate to death.In short, very engaging and snow Beitun!Look after you there will be a lot of emotion, even inadvertently, there is an unexpected harvest.Beitun snow is the atmosphere.Westerly by snow, such as steam ahead, earth-shattering, fought; like rivers by line, turning back, rolling off; like the wind scattered aloe, eloquent, flying in the sky, overwhelming.Great great man Mao Zedong’s “Mountain Dance Silver Snake, the original Chi wax like, with heaven in stature.”Majestic regal.Beitun snow very pretty.She was not out of the eye of Cao Xueqin who, all weaken forest sister, singing “Burying the Flowers” to bury their own.But in the Han Dynasty “Mo Mulberry” in the description of beauty “Walker see Luo Fu, under load stroke mustache.Teenage see Luo Fu, Qiao hat with head.Cultivator forget their plows, hoes who forget their hoe.”The unparalleled talent, people could not help but want to bend over her holding up, gently close to the cheek, so refreshing surprise instantaneously around the body, so long absence thoughts go further.Beitun snow is very nice.Whether you treat her what kind of attitude, she will not remember you, blame you, hate you; but rather broad and broad acceptance love you, watch you, maintain your.Not only that, she gave the child the joy of life, the season of romance to the couple, the hint of inspiration to the poet, gave the so holy mountains, rivers, the earth, but just did not think for themselves..Beitun Beitun snow very love of people.Every time this particular time, they pour in, go hand in hand.Whether day or night, miss, and at any time to come, it must come to stay a long, long time, do not go to persuade tried to persuade.Beitun Beitun people who love snow.In order to make her eternal throughout the winter, I do not know since when, Beitun have a “snow Culture and Art Festival”, and are scheduled every year, once a brilliant than the last.Because there is no snow and ice in the winter, people will be very lonely Beitun.friend!If you expect to see snow Beitun, please go quickly right!Beitun people were really generous, absolutely do not charge you a minute ticket money.