“How many people have loved your youthful appearance, but who can withstand years of relentless change; how many people have come up in your life and also, I have seen life have you at your side.”This section of the lyrics and did not sing in tonight’s KTV, under the dazzling lights of the laser light, those familiar and also unfamiliar figure in the dark to save space moving forward, the intersection of the.Meditation corner, as if the darkness made me feel easier than the light.Savor the mood at the moment, with silence on the face and trying to cover up the Fengyun quietly emotional heart, as well as the rapid resurgence of twenty years and twenty years in the middle section of the image.At the moment, Shuimunianhua Sentimental clean melody that began abruptly solo in my heart, so other sounds on the ears of the people no longer disturb dB.Backflow.Backflow.Eyes dancing figure gradually jumped into the verdant greenery of the campus, had jumped into the world of fine, clear, jump back to the life that most light throbbing rings.  I do not like making those flowers open flowers, which is the hobby room two decades, I do not know where they started.Compared with flowers “bloom has degrees”, and I’m more focused evergreen flowers.Eyeful amazing people instantly bloom naturally beautiful and dizziness, but consistent green, but calm impermanence years of changes.  These come together in front of the students, apparently already gone through the appearance of flowering.Boys to men’s evolution, transformation of girl to woman, all in a wine Yan, the carnival, the pictures can not be avoided each other’s impression.Looked at each other in the eye, the women began secretly calculate their own eyes of the fish, if more than looks now who live very moist.And men consciously or unconsciously avoided the topic of house and car.And there are some men and women in this party destined to happen in the story, the feelings of the gate in the grip slightly trembling palm, waiting to open after the first two decades, or close.  And I’m sure any one can, according to the same as when I left in the image does not belong in that group described above.  The flowering season in seventeen years old, I was a precocious fruit, growing heart tattoo carved on the road too much can not be shared with others.For brilliant and sadness that season, in the corner, I can remember the station itself as a mirror, the image of youth has been so deeply into the back of the dust.  § about their beauty and brightness go hand in hand through the window from my dorm every day, lanky, pony tail high beam is their common.If the boys tied on the first tablets shirt buttons called the discipline seriously, then washed white Yuan has always starched dress it was clear that she was a serious, stern-behaved girls.The Hui, who is always exudes a touch of body fragrance lady.Because her clean the dormitory where well-known, I had specifically went to her dorm had visited her well-tended beds, there is a bright and elegant white linen quilt edges and corners, printed with “river before high school,” the sheets are fold as the straight line in the top cover, a small book diagonal bedside, an innocent girls wafting far, far away.Today, Yuan and Hui are already a mother of a woman, also a professional housewife.Meet after so many years, and I let them drink wine, among the hot drinks hot, in addition to the family and the son of the topic, I noticed the bag and Hui Yuan Shenshangnajian atmosphere of the value of Fiji’s bright yellow coat, next to their husband carry who also bulging belly fat, happy expression to convey messages of happiness.Friendship and love, sometimes it seems is a kind of edge given this life could not escape the fate.Spring is my girlfriends for life, it is well known thing.But, in my case, the spring was and always gave me something, only in my heart of hearts that it can accurately measure the weight.  do you remember?During those years the winter, the water freezes in the dorm room, we got into the same bed, you use your warm belly every night for me Wu simply cool to warm the affected leg biting; in the snow leading to the toilet on the ground, unable to move my arm without you, in the snow was the greatest of that time, you are my tie him down with a fall in the snowy together in order to avoid my embarrassment, you simply lying in the snow with me , look at the blue sky, to accompany me to the girl’s laughter was speckled throughout the campus; every Monday, you’ve brought from home pate only share with me, I still remember that we toss pile of bottles when tossing bottles and jars out of a lot of inexplicable happiness until another Xiaofan to the ground clutching his stomach.Later, we graduated.You and Jay love, get married.And I, among you also thrust thrust can not afford to become a “light bulb”.Marriage, marriage, even if the marriage night, I like your shadow as long as I do not leave lights are not off.Later when you have a baby, but the figure still remains so good when I was at school with the province for six months of pocket money to you back in a blue dress broken flowers from the county, you were showing the Sentiment that beautiful young woman, and now I have food for thought.Now, every year I moved away from home each month’s never deliberately playing a few calls and spring, just after the call no matter how long it will not find the word the last part of pleasantries, to go straight, like a blanket of heat has never cool.Tonight, spring is still graceful figure on the dance floor, just as we have traveled together in the same years: Seamless silent, but deep inside.  Zhang Xiaoxian once said, “Later, I learned that we strive for the extraordinary, in the end, it will lose many ordinary woman’s happiness.”Yes, and in the ‘later’, I also know that, in terms of a woman, more attractive than excellent, absolutely ordinary happiness, including this looks extraordinary friendship went their separate ways.  § about their dinner, the group of boys who sat across from me.Northeast near-bohemian man is outspoken in their interpretation vividly under the influence of alcohol.They all like mature through “reeducation through labor” tough guy, surprisingly uniform caliper head as if to lead the trend of Rhapsody.Tuibeihuanzhan could not find Sentimental young and frivolous gestures between the more sophisticated is similar to the same maturity and robustness.  That wearing glasses China, because his mother pickles lump incredibly delicious, so, at a gym class, when the teacher had just left, a large group of boys and girls will hold together on its place They wrestled, and then, after some looting broke out across the playground to a history of the happiest “inferiority” event.At that time, I never just sit though a landscape outside the stadium, but it was a warm atmosphere just let myself forget the sadness can not participate in, is let out along with classmates laughed when the poor Chinese who puts ” ulterior motives “last pickle pimple to hide under my palm.Teenage warmth once let me once suspected he had a throbbing puppy love.  Hua drifting days to more years than I Shang Hao, one day after the secondary school, the school’s janitor says have my parcels, it is a fiction came in the mail from Qingdao, since then, I have this first collection of its own, called “Jane Eyre”.Today, ten years later, when I chatted with him raised his glass, he blushed and said simply, “Do what you always followers.” .Kid keeps this wine on the table will be what I call “old Shaw,” is outstanding, her husband is my boudoir honey spring.This kid and I whole struggle for twenty years, elementary school when I watched him on my desk came riding to go, lean chin always proud to Alice in the mouth following, dismissive eyes I never seem to score this first little girl looked down.And I, for poor students this “street carriers” type of compassion is a type of excellent quality to achieve a “blind eye” of the state.  The rustle of autumn night, you went out the window in front of the dormitory brushing my voice and hands trembling slightly with a frequency, as I brought a handful of red red crab, and then fled in panic.Leng Leng looked at the back of your gone, I suddenly found that: the original, seventeen-year-old Jason is torn so handsome, handsome, shy cute.But until then I wake up, it is a pure holding crab “bribe” items, that your kid excited trembling is purely focused on the spring, and finally came up with bursts of coursing close to her after the coup.It can be considered your kid with a conscience, because in those days you’s before and after marriage, treatment of my increasing, so far is still remembered watching outdoor movies, eating your own hands breaking a three and a half of the big guys, “Fuji “sitting in the middle of the two of you share comfortable and proud.Yes, there is time every year my birthday, you keep remembering not forget the generosity and adhere to the same.  Coke, the students who will foot the bill.Classmate did not say a few words in a few years of a boy.If there is a little place of intersection between us, and that is, I remember, in all the boys, you’re the only one with a delicate and melancholy eyes as the dawn of man, and, I admit, a lot of girls have you been to electricity, which also includes me.  § About me I am a former disability, now is not healthy to me, a petite past, now I did not grow taller, a former love flowers, and now I love grass; a hope that they can refract sunlight to corner me..I love you!And from the people in my life and in youth!If you say that once I let you feel lonely and aloof, then please see through disability and low self-esteem because I was out of the feigned expression.If we say that today I let you feel still restrained, so please allow me, on your way will render passion?Once youthful companion friends are also always stay in the unexpected acquaintance year of life is to grow old?  Although we are the boss, but whenever you see a way to get along with each other’s face, tone of voice, even joking eyes are like going back to the year turned out to be such and such a person to young age at the time as long as you are, I also youth as before, dear friends, and grow old with you more happy than herself growing old