This year’s rainy season came early for that, listening to the rain outside the window kept Lili, inexplicable feelings of apprehension, think about the next three days in a row, depressed mood, such as the rain outside the window, mercilessly beat Inter in mind.In order to calm the mood, extracted from the packet lit a cigarette, inhaled deeply and then, slowly spit it out slowly, watching the milky white smoke gradually dispersed, emotions little proper recovery.The ups and downs of life, they seem to be this spring, elusive, able to make people full of endless reverie, but also allow beautiful dream, vanished.    Opened a can of beer, a drink half, with the cold liquid flows speak blood vessels, emotions flying again.Looking out the window on the street, in the rain faltering stranded vehicles and pedestrians, and my heart slightly tight, surfaced last year in front of the scene: also continuous rainfall, so the streets were flooded half Kunming, the number of vehicles soaked in water, traffic gridlock, bus outage.Many shops and underground garages losses.Vivid, worried.    ”Rain is as precious as oil,” was originally nourishing nectar of all things, is the vibrant pulse of romance under the umbrella of a series curtain love.By this time the rain, but at that point mad child with life-sustaining hope.Has not stroking RunTu angel, is not wearing a lovely Spring Mother, from the reality and beauty of so far, relentless rain, washed by the spring people’s hearts, so that dim slightly sweet falling.Sad, lost in the rain continues, anxiety splashed House.    And lit a cigarette, tobacco use strong soothe anxiety, talk through the smoke to capture a trace of comfort.Person’s life, regardless of the hardships of life, or love tempered do not know how to go through ups and downs, all in the trials and hardships Bank.The face of adversity, we strive, struggling to move forward, even if it has not arrived at the other side, but also peace of mind, because we never give up.Lower down the river, we do not Zhang Yang is not, even has reached the “mad” in height, and do not lose the meaning of modesty restrained, extreme self-expansion, will make your dull luster.    As this cruel life of relentless rain, not the heart as people would always, always let the dream again and again extinguished, always ruthlessly trampled, piece of beautiful spring in your heart the Holy Land, to make your life and fear confused, but life still continue, because life should the numerous and relentless wind and rain every game, stop and give up or back down, and that the meaning of life will be flooded, a clear conscience is the most beautiful lie deceive ourselves.    Unyielding attitude of life, love life is our courage, one state is responsible for life, it can make your life strewn with difficulties, disorientation, but also allows you to experience, a beautiful rainbow after the storm, let you taste rain comes to fragrance.The gritty, undoubtedly the beacon on the path of life, when you are wandering helpless panic at the fork, where you will get the power of soothing when you’re confused footsteps lost its way, you want to see from the light, go all the way through the dangerous years, so you get to the other side of longing.    Gradually the rain stopped looking out the window, the hearts of infinite joyous, standing at the window, eyes closed long hush, breathe the fragrance of the soil after rain.Looks into the distance pure sky, a rainbow being hung over the city.