On a hot day, the soaring temperature makes people fidgety.. There is no air conditioner in the home, the house is closed behind closed doors and the chest is bare under the whirring fan. It is too windy to even out the office.. Under a pair of shorts, mouth eat watermelon catch cold, still sweat on the skin. It seems that we have to learn to find cool summer.     The book city in southern Shandong Province, some book lovers, some driving here, some strolling in, I was dazed by my heart and accidentally felt the list. However, the large book city was full of people, from young children in their 30s and 40s to the elderly, all reading quietly and silently.. I was in the middle of the vast sea of books, browsing the new books, and unconsciously my mind was clean and sweaty and dry.. Oh! It’s no wonder that so many people gathered here, like a little cool just like autumn. It turned out that the air conditioner was blowing, the sweat was fragrant and thin, the shirt was cool, the air was clear and refreshing, and it was a cool summer to find a cool place. Every cool summer, my heart is hot and I am so big that I don’t want to cross the threshold of half a step in the heat, stay at home and sit quietly in front of the computer. I don’t know why I come here to enjoy such a cool and comfortable autumn.? At first, I was still a little reserved and did not dare to sit on the floor. I felt relieved to see so many people resting on the floor and stealing from the caretaker was also half – open, half – closed, lazy and confused.. Conveniently sitting on the same floor as many people, reading your favorite new book silently, absorbing the emotional nutrition of words and refreshing the air is naturally a rare pleasure in your heart..     Seasons are cool summer, and the book city is as cool as autumn, quiet and quiet as the sky.. Sometimes young children read funny things and forget everything, and when they laugh and break the silence of the book city, they will attract the strange eyes of their peers.. The young children bowed their heads and said nothing at once, and all the quiet book city was restored.. While appreciating the beautiful articles, I understood the true meaning of the wonderful sentences in the book and took out a small notebook that I had always carried with me. I didn’t want to miss a happy sentence and record the wonderful sentences and excellent paragraphs in the book..     The ancients said, calm and cool. I don’t know which dynasty and under what circumstances did the ancients produce good sentences. Including the purpose of what is, it is even worse, and I can’t find out who to blurt out. I don’t have to try to figure it out. I can only say this proverb and put it in the wandering southern Shandong book city, which is perfectly appropriate at this time.. It’s really the latest spiritual interpretation. Mood, generally only when hungry and lonely, will feel heartfelt kindness and remembrance to the things around you. Quiet, can only be see through the world’s naked and down-and-out to exert maximum pressure on the tangled mind, to be quiet. However, living in a book city, enjoying the cool air, the mind is surrounded by books, excited, cool and refreshing is conducive to peace of mind, to escape evil, to cross between words, to wash the mind, to edify the body and mind, to forget the reason and to keep the eye drunk.     Reading extensively is my hobby. Maybe it’s genetic. As long as it is my parents’ pocket money, I will accumulate it, in order to be able to read books or to buy some beloved books in Xinhua Bookstore, which is full of hungry souls.. That was more than 30 years ago. Later, when I entered my job, I didn’t have much free time to visit the bookstore. Later, since the computer was owned at home, the bookshop was visited with little pity, and many readers, except for buying some magazines and evening papers in retail kiosks on the street, all the rest relied on the good news from Baidu in the computer to be read on the silver screen, flying in the heart, saving worry and trouble, which was very convenient and good.. It is also a beautiful thing to wander in the Peach Blossom Garden and let your heart fly when you enter the book city to read a group of books.. Fill in the heart of the unknown absence. I am good at cleaning and quiet, full of books and broad-minded in my mind. Sometimes, I can’t help admiring the works, silently reciting the small happy smile when my mind is hard to master, will also break the quiet bookstore, and then cover my mouth with a small embarrassed face and bury it in the book.. Instantly restore the silent place. I walked in the sea of books in my heart, quietly attracted by the calm sea of words, and swam slowly into the words. The temptation of writing in the book instills my nerves and delights in munching on words. Find a cool and tranquil life, forget the life that I don’t like camp and service, and stay in the cool and dense atmosphere. Then, this summer, I won’t feel any scorching heat..