The city has been here for four years, so I am deeply impressed. First, its architecture, especially its Europeanization, was suddenly distinguished from other cities.. Here, I have verified what I think. If I stay in a city for a long time, I don’t really want to wander around the city..     But I especially like to blow the Songhua River. Walking on the Songhua River Bridge is always very difficult.. The anti – Japanese war film watched on TV has many reeds in the Songhua River, but now there is almost no shadow of it and numerous tall buildings have been built around it. However, the Songhua River still gives people a very open feeling, and the endless river flows quietly, with Sun Island, Ice and Snow World and Harbin Beer Festival Base next to it. There is a saying like this: ” To Harbin, there must be a place to go, that is Sun Island.”. It’s suitable for summer, it’s cool to go to play in summer, and the tickets are not expensive. At that time, the student ticket was FIFA yuan.. The world of ice and snow is the world of ice. All kinds of buildings, animals, characters and so on carved with ice sculptures are actually ice sculptures everywhere in Harbin every winter, but since it is called ” the world of ice and snow” here, there will naturally be more ice sculptures and snow sculpture, which is quite worth seeing. The student ticket is 150 yuan. The Oktoberfest has never had a chance to attend. At that time, I was still thinking about volunteering, but I will leave Harbin in the summer vacation, just like the Universiade held in Harbin in the winter vacation at that time..     Walking on the pedestrian street, stepping on the delicate bedding of Shi Zhuan and browsing the various precious commodities on both sides, as well as the Russian girls who occasionally appear on the street, will really feel that this is a good view. It will take about half an hour for the whole street to finish its tour, ending at the border with Songhua River, which is called ” Central Street” of Asia’s longest pedestrian street.. Next to Harbin’s landmark building, Sophia Cathedral, there are many romantic visions. There are also Amur Tiger Gardens, and the Polar Ground Pavilion is also a very attractive scenic spot in Harbin.. It suddenly occurred to me that there was also a very favorite scene – rime. I remember getting up in the morning to go to the morning self-study hall and just walking out of the hall on the first floor, I was immediately in a dreamy wonderland. I really couldn’t help liking it. Later, I heard my local classmates say it was ” ice hanging” or ” rime”. I also said that there was a place called Matsumoto that can often be seen. At that time, I also had the idea of going to Matsumoto in person to open my eyes..     In Harbin, the most frequent places to go are the University of Technology, Harbin Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology and Harbin Normal University, which have always had a deep plot of famous schools in their hearts.. As the most famous university in Harbin and even in northeast China, the university has always admired it. although the two campuses of the university are old, they are not classical, but they do not affect its popularity. the crowds flocking in from outside school are the best proof, and the school bus between the two campuses is free, which brings convenience to visitors and passers-by who pass by the school bus route, because the school bus of the university does not receive any money, but also does not check certificates, that is, anyone can have the opportunity to get on the school bus of the university..     The study atmosphere in the study room of the university is good. You will see that the boy who is only a sophomore is already studying hard to prepare for the entrance examination. The classroom is almost full of seats, and he has to get up at six o’clock every day to take up seats. Of course, it is only limited to some teaching buildings, which often have students from other schools coming here to study, some are going to attend graduate students of the university, and some are going to attend graduate students of other universities but because of the strong atmosphere here.. As for the library, such as Zhengxin Building, students from foreign schools are generally not allowed to go in at will, and since there are too many foreign school staff, it is estimated that the university administrators cannot cope with it. Therefore, any teaching building that goes in and out of the university must show proof, that is, students from the university can only go in and out, resulting in many foreign school students staying in their rented cabins or beds to review. Of course, many smart guys rent student ID cards and meal cards from the university students. Because they can charge a lot of fees, many university students are also willing to do so, so it is difficult to distinguish in the study rooms.. There are dormitory beds for rent in the university, and the price is moderate and the living is safe. in the afternoon, you can also visit the football fields nearby to watch those young people play football. at that time, you also followed the villagers to feel their extremely quiet library.. As for the experience of waiting for the teaching building, it is also unforgettable. I believe many students who are preparing for the study have the same feeling with themselves. Only those who have experienced it know that it is a treasure..     The architecture that likes Harbin engineering in particular is really classical. Every time I go to Harbin engineering, I want to see their architecture, so that the handsome guy on campus can turn a blind eye to it and only be fascinated by you.. Of course, there is also the huge football field, because it is too big, many times I think the people on the football field are just ornament and leave for so long. When I think of Harbin Project, the classical architecture will flash into my mind at once..     Relatively speaking, Harbin Institute of Technology is young, but it has many campuses and is the largest university in Harbin..     Harbin Normal University was also the most impressive university, because at that time it was still moving from the University of Technology to Harbin Normal University to prepare for the exam, and it took a relatively long time to stay, and many things were deeply imprinted in my mind.. The campus scenery of Normal University is beautiful, with lakes, trees, catkins and so on. The overall design should not be underestimated. Of course, there are also beautiful girls full of campus. At that time, they also secretly ran to the classroom to attend the meeting. They had a special taste.. Speaking of which, I have to say that Harbin Commercial University, commonly known as the most beautiful university, is really worthy of its name and is also like a garden-like design among many people. Several districts have joined together to form a large campus, and the newly-built campus has added to the youth atmosphere. Of course, the beauty of Harbin Commercial University has also been circulating for a long time..     Speaking of which, I have to say that people here have one common characteristic: reality. In fact, there are many people who are generous in everything they do, but also feel they have a good sense of humor, especially when they are drinking wine. Most of them are good to her and she will be good to you.. I feel sad that when it snows, when I see those old grandfathers delivering food in the face of the storm and looking at their background, I will also think of my grandparents because they are the same age and I have not given them a happy life.. Because of the climate, other industries except heavy industry are not well developed here. Many fruits and vegetables will be shipped from the south, and the price will become very high and not so fresh. The waxberry will cost one catty of FIFA, and the litchi will cost eight catties. People who are used to the fruits grown in their hometown will think it is a sky-high price.. In winter, many people stay at home playing mahjong, chatting and doing some menial work, etc., so many people here go out to develop, such as going to a place called’ south’, which many of them especially yearn for, they think the place is very developed, has many opportunities and is easy to earn money, etc..     I remember when I first came here, I found that the food here was very salty, and I spit it out before I swallowed it. Some villagers drank mineral water while eating northeast food. Later, I realized that only the food in our school was very salty, so my taste became particularly heavy after four years.. Also, when I first ate the northeast steamed bread, I really couldn’t swallow it and didn’t taste at all. It turned out that it was the real northeast steamed bread, which was completely different from the sweet steamed bread I used to eat at home..     The school’s library is its favorite place to stay. Whether it is a magazine room, a study room or an electronic reading room, it has left many footprints and handprints of its own, that is, the school’s library has accompanied almost all the spare time during the university period..     There is a saying that summer is suitable for summer in Harbin, and the person who often summers in Harbin has a say in this. Even if the temperature here is higher, he will feel a little bit cool, plus the big temperature difference between morning and evening, he will have to cover the quilt to sleep peacefully at night, except for the hot scorch in his junior year, which is a once-in-a-century heat, like the snowstorm that also happened in his junior year..     I met here the considerate guide, the temperament of Miss Su, the personality of Miss Guo, the sister of Miss Liu, the beautiful and sensible Snow White, the kind and sentimental Song Huan, the dignified Yue Qing, the gentle Yanni, the personality of Mary and Xiaomei, the intelligent and sensible Yan Xin, Yu Juan, Meng Jing, Xiao Ju, Zhu Qing, Wei Jie and so on, the friendly Xin Hang, Qi Long, Chun Long, I Wang and so on, the intellectual wealth of learning, the cheerful Lili, the quiet Wu Min, many of my lovely college classmates, are you all right??     Most of all, I like Harbin, which is snowing all over the sky. Harbin, which has left its mark of four years of youth, will definitely find a chance to go back to the farewell ice city..