[ Original Text ]Peach Blossom Pond is bright with water and clear water, with strange rocks standing on the bank and ancient trees and green vines covered with flowers.. There is a statue of Li Bai and Wang Lun on the shore. Wang Lun sits holding a cup to drink while Li Bai stands with his hands holding the cup and feet touching the wine altar. The gesture of till, raising my cup, I asked the bright moon seems to tell the visiting guests that the footprints of the poem fairy are here..   On the midsummer day, the sky is high and the clouds are light and the sky is clear. My friend invited me to the Peach Blossom Pool in Jingxian County for a walk. I immediately beamed with joy and readily agreed to go. Early to hear the’ Peach Blossom Pool’ name is linked to a good friendship between Li Bai and Wang Lun. In my imagination, there is a pool at Wang Lun’s home. The water depth is thousands of feet. Wang Lun once invited Li Bai to drink and write poems at the pool, so’ Li Bai will want to go by boat and suddenly hear the singing on the shore. The Peach Blossom Pool is deep in thousands of feet, not as good as Wang Lun’s love for me.” A poem records the Peach Blossom Pool, Wang Lun’s friendship and Li Bai’s footprints for thousands of years. As soon as I mentioned the Peach Blossom Pool, my mood was immediately affected by Li Bai’s poem ” Wine Immortal Style” and Wang Lun’s hospitable feelings, and I couldn’t wait to find the footprints of poetry immortals in my heart..     The section of water flowing through Wang Lun’s village in Qingyi River is’ Peach Blossom Pool’, and Wang Lun’s village is Peach Blossom Pool Village. The Taohuatan villagers lived along the river, and the winemaking industry was the industry for generations, as was the case with Wang Lun’s family.. Hero Wang Lun is good at drinking and writing poems, but he has admired Li Bai’s wine style and poetry and has become a great fan of Li Bai.. Wang Lun heard Li Bai’s address in Jiangnan that year, and wrote to invite him: ” How nice to visit, sir.”? There are ten miles of peach blossoms. Good wine, sir? There are ten thousand hotels. Please stay here for some time. Li Bai read the letter and was very happy. There are ten miles of peach blossoms to enjoy and ten thousand hotels to drink in. This place must be visited and must not be missed. Li Bai packed up and set off for Peach Blossom Pool to meet Wang Lun. Along the way, Li Bai imagined the scene of a peach blossom in ten miles … Ah, imagined, imagined … Ah, getting closer and closer, but still no peach blossom … Ah, until he saw Wang Lun’s face and didn’t see a peach blossom, so he broke into a crevasse and asked, ” What about a peach blossom in ten miles?”? Wang Lun was busy bowing and smiling and said, ” There is a peach blossom ferry ten miles away, just borrowing the name. Please don’t blame me, sir.”. Li Baixin’s uninhibited and exuberant enjoyment in the sea quickly subsided as the tide ebbed and there was no smile on his face, and he asked, ” The 10000 hotels are also false.”? ‘ At that time there was no” fool” word. Li Bai used the word” vanity” in his feeling of urgency.. Wang Lun explained with a charming smile: ” There is a hotel owned by a family named Wan Wan in our village, named Wan Wan Hotel.”. ‘ Wang Lun hurriedly sent for thousands of hotel owners to accompany him. Boss Wan Jun heard that good wine poet Li Bai is coming, and hurriedly stumbled toward Wang Lun’s house. So Wang Lun and Wan Jun accompany Li Bai to drink, chat and talk about the past and the present every day..     Li Bai was fooled by Wang Lun, and his heart was very unhappy. He thought: You tricked me into coming here with peach blossoms and ten thousand hotels, but only wanted me to write poems. I didn’t write poems. I’m sure you couldn’t help it.. Wang Lun knew he was wrong and never dared to ask for poetry again. He treated each other with good food and good tea and good wine every day, drinking and chatting while enjoying the beautiful scenery.. More than a month later, Li Bai wanted to return. At this point, Li Bai enjoyed Wang Lun’s sincerity and enthusiasm and felt the warmth and happiness of friendship in a foreign land. He really did not write a poem. Wang Lun was satisfied with his friendship with Li Baiyou in his life. He gave all his material and spiritual hospitality to Li Bai and forgot to write poems.. On the day when Li Bai wanted to travel by boat, Wang Lun invited the villagers to sing along with him on the shore. Li Bai’s rigid mood was finally dissolved by Wang Lun’s sincere friendship, so he wrote down the regulations for participating in the gift to Wang Lun with a splash of ink..     Peach Blossom Pond has bright water, clear waves and empty culverts, strange rocks on the shore stand, and ancient trees and green vines are covered with flowers.. There is a statue of Li Bai and Wang Lun on the shore. Wang Lun sits holding a cup to drink while Li Bai stands with his hands holding the cup and feet touching the wine altar. The gesture of till, raising my cup, I asked the bright moon seems to tell the visiting guests that the footprints of the poem fairy are here..     When we arrived at the Peach Blossom Pool, the Peach Blossom Pool was full and overflowing and bubbling with summer rain a few days ago, and the current was too fast to ferry. We could not experience Li Bai’s mood of refusing to write poems, riding boats, and singing songs on shore, nor could we appreciate Li Bai’s mood of singing poems through the ages because he enjoyed the happiness of being fooled.. I pointed to the peach blossom pool through which the waves flowed and asked, ” This water is deep in thousands of feet.”? The guide said, ” No, it’s only a few meters deep.”. ‘ My mood was fooled by Li Bai, just as Li Bai was fooled by Wang Lun in those days.. Peach Blossom Pool is a part of Qingyi River and is located in the hilly land in the south of the Yangtze River, where thousands of feet is deep. Li Bai really shouldn’t have exaggerated his poems and misled future generations.. The guide pointed to the other side and said, ” The cliff on the other side is deeper in water, with Huaixian Pavilion on the top, where Wang Lun and Wan Jun were drinking with Li Bai.”. We all asked to see the other side of the river. The water could not be ferried, but we had to make a detour..     On the way, the tour guide led us to Wanjia Hotel. Wanjia Hotel collapsed due to its dilapidated house, leaving only an old door frame and a bluestone threshold broken by the public, which proves the flourishing business of Wanjia Hotel after Li Bai left Taohuatan.. When I got to Huaixian Pavilion, I went to the highest place in the attic and looked out through the window. Under the lofty and empty sky, the rolling hills in the distance wanted to connect with the sky. The houses with black tiles and blue bricks in the vicinity were increasingly clear and bright under the sky light, and the green silks and satins in the peach blossom pool were flowing down the river. The green hills and green waters in the peach blossom pool were clearly and clearly set off by the summer glow behind the clouds, which was pleasing to the eyes and relaxed and happy enough to imagine the brilliance of Wang Lunling’s ascent to enjoy the wine tasting.. The guide pointed to a few stones like hills on the right hand side and said, ” Wang Lun invited Wan Jun to drink with Li Bai on those stones to see the scenery.”. The Huaixian Pavilion was built by later generations. Oh, my mood was fooled by the tour guide again. I thought Li Bai had set up tables and chairs in the attic, put wine in the air, and looked through the windows … Ah, tourists from all directions were shuttling through the Peach Blossom Pool Village. A look at them showed that they were looking for the footprints of poetry gods, but they were actually fooled by Li Bai.. Wang Lun fooled Li Bai into drinking in Peach Blossom Pond and Li Bai fooled many tourists into visiting Peach Blossom Pond, making the Peach Blossom Pond a scenic spot of historic charm.. Peach Blossom Pool attracts tourists with Li Bai’s fame. Villagers enjoy the popularity and prosperity of tourists. Because of Wang Lun’s bluff, Li Bai enjoyed sincere friendship. Because of Li Bai’s bluff, we enjoyed the pleasure of traveling. Because of the fool of traveling, the villagers live a harmonious, healthy and happy life..Fool is a deliberate temptation and deception, but being fooled is a kind of happiness, a kind of enjoyment and even a kind of happiness. If you are fooled, don’t try so hard, don’t panic, keep calm and enjoy happiness and happiness from it, it is a realm of life.