Full of excitement, excitement, sadness and guilt, I came to Camel Island, my former hometown, hoping to relive countless childhood dreams that haunted my mind..     Camel Island, located in the northwest of the Five Islands, covers less than five square kilometers and is the smallest of the Five Islands.. Seen from the front of the mountain, it looks like a simple and honest camel. Legend has it that it was formed from the smallest camel fossil lost from the Sahara Desert, hence its name.     Is this the fairyland we dreamt about in childhood?     Standing on the top of the camel’s peak, looking at the maple leaf, which overflowed the hillside like fire, my eyes filled with tears and suddenly shot hysterically shouting: ” where are you, tiger pole and dog remnant?” shouts echoed in the mountains. There was silence in the mountains, only the maple leaf rustled in the autumn wind, and my heart was broken. I quickly came to the maple tree that we called ” Engong Tree” and felt a sense of loss that I had never felt before. Suddenly, one mouthful blood welled up in my throat, salty and accompanied by a burst of heartache.. I held the tree trunk in my hand and clenched my teeth, but I still couldn’t stop the tears of brushing. I yelled and blood gushed out of my mouth.. I fell down and fell into the arms of the mountain . ah, we were infatuated with the mountain and the woods all day long in our childhood. Green hills and green waters in spring, birds and flowers in summer, golden yellow everywhere in autumn and white snow in winter … ah, tiger pole and dog residue are my closest partners and most loyal friends. We were like peas and carrots all day long. Camel Island was full of footprints of our childhood, and green hills and green waters also recorded our laughter and singing..     Tiger Pillar is a tiger, one year old, seven brothers and sisters, and he is the eldest. May be due to the number of children born, Tiger Pillar’s mother was sick all the year round, and his father was also sick from years of hard work.. The production team had a low lira and the family life was very difficult.     The dog left is not a dog, but a dragon. It is named ” dog left” and only wants to feed it.. He is not Li Liu’s own son. Listen to the adults say: At first Li Liu’s wife did not lay eggs, so she asked for dog leftovers. Who knows this dog left has attracted the empress. Within a few years, Li Liufu’s wife gave birth to a big girl, followed by two daughters and three young ladies, and finally she also got a fourth young master.. Li Liu was fined more than one thousand yuan for this fourth young master. When the dog left first came to the Li family, the Li family treated him well, but only from the arrival of the big girl, the second daughter and the third daughter, the dog left day was not as good as a year, especially after the fourth young master died, the dog left only the victims. Every day after school, I have to turn the big straw box and pick up the grass on the mountain, or go to the sea to catch seaweed and pull out pig food in the field.. If the harvest is a little less, Li Liu will serve with a French stick when he returns home, and his scars will never stop. For this reason, Tiger Pillar and I help the dog to do more every day to reduce more unnecessary injuries. Who knows one day, because I came back a little earlier, it was also wrong and I was going to be beaten. So we finally unbearable. In the evening, while it was dark, Tiger Pillar and I came to the front of the dog house and posted a note saying, ” If you hit another innocent person again, call the fourth young master head to blossom” on the door, and then smashed a piece of glass on the door with a slingshot as a protest.. Since then, the dog left has rarely been beaten, only a few more scolding, and for this reason the dog left is very grateful to us..     One morning, Hu Zhu lowered his head and said to me, ” My father got up in the morning and just finished his meal and vomited again.”. So I ordered like a commander: pick up sparrow eggs up the hill today. I guess: sparrow eggs are always as nutritious as eggs, and they can supplement the body. From then on, in our spare time of picking up grass and digging vegetables, we can pick up some finches’ eggs every day to supplement the body of Hu Zhu’s father.. If we go to the sea to pick up seaweed, we will take the opportunity to sneak into the sea and steal some sea cucumbers to tiger poles. Tiger column his father’s illness also got better day by day.     On a winter day, neither finches nor sea cucumbers could be picked up, so we played hide-and-seek on the back hillside after picking up the grass.. Suddenly saw a wild rabbit frightened by us and ran down the hill. As the wild rabbit ran down the hill, it ran very slowly. So we divided our troops into three routes and covered the wild rabbits. As I covered from the outermost circle, I ran very fast.. Instantly I slipped at the foot and rolled to the cliff at top speed. The tiger pole was stunned and stood there stupidly, while the dog was frightened and crying.. I rolled faster and faster on the steep slope and was finally stopped by a maple tree on the edge of the cliff.. The tiger column and the dog left came running together to help me up. The dog left screamed, ” Brother, your ears.”. ‘ I wiped it with the back of my hand. It’s okay. My ears are still there. I was only scratched by thorns and my blood shed a face.. So we all looked at the maple tree. Holding the maple tree in my hand, I stood up and looked at the cliff below and said with emotion, ” Thanks to this maple tree.”! Tiger Pillar said happily, ” Let’s call this tree’ Engong Tree’, and we will visit it every day in the future.”! Good! ‘ the three of us high – five, motioned for unanimous adoption.     Spring is coming. On this day, we came to the front of the ” Engong Tree” on the back hillside again. As usual, after each person walked around the ” Engong Tree” three times, we lay on the grass slope under the tree, resting our heads on the grass and gazing at the sunset in the sky..We all love to watch the sunset. How much imagination is left behind by the fiery sunset! Suddenly, Tiger Pillar sat up, grabbed my hand and said excitedly, ” Eldest Brother, there is a Taoyuan Sanjie in the Three Kingdoms. Can’t we come here and have a Fenglin Sanjie?”? Hearing this, the dog left also sat up in a tingle and said excitedly, ” Yes, eldest brother, let’s become brothers in front of this” Engong Tree. ”? ‘ one of them took my hand and was infatuated with me. So I just sat up and looked at their infatuation and smiled and said, ” Why should we fall into the rut? As long as we share weal and woe and share weal and woe with each other, that’s enough. Besides, are we not brothers now?”? Hearing this, the two of them nodded at the same time and then lay down again. This time I didn’t lie down, but leaned against the’ benevolent tree’ and watched the red sunset in the sky and continued: ” Tiger Pillar and Dog Remains, have you ever thought about what to do in the future?”? Hu Zhu sat up and said seriously, ” I am a doctor when I grow up, to see my father and my mother, and to see more sick people without money.”. ‘ Speaking of which, tiger column appears a little excited, little face flushed bright red. The dog rose to its feet and said loudly, ” I have grown up to be a rich man and earn a lot of money. I am especially popular and spicy and enjoy all the splendor and wealth. By then, no one will dare to beat me again.”. ‘ at some point, the dog left unexpectedly jumped up excitedly, the momentum is like has earned 180 thousand. Then Hu Zhu turned to look at me and said, ” Eldest brother, what do you want to do in the future?”? I blurted out, ” Being an officer, commanding thousands of troops and thousands of horses, shaking down a peg or two.”. Say, with a wave of my arm, I shouted ” comrades, rush!”! ‘ the funny phase straight make tiger column and dog left belly laugh.     My family is a decentralized family. After the implementation of the policy, I went back to the city with my parents.. When he left, Tiger Pillar and Dog Remains came to see me and my family off. We were speechless and teary – eyed. Finally, I broke the silence first. I bit my lip, shook my head and said with a smile, ” Tiger Pillar, Dog Remains, Be Stronger, Not where will you go, We Will Meet Again.”. Hu Zhu nodded his head and sobbed, ” eldest brother, don’t worry, I and dog leftovers will go to see the” Engong tree ” every day as before.”. I patted Tiger Pillar and Dog Remains on the shoulder and gratefully said, ” Please.”! Ah, that’s right”, I suddenly remembered something, ” Tiger Pillar and Dog Remains, don’t forget our ideal under the” Engong Tree ”! Remember: if you want to realize your ideal, you must first study hard and be a good person. Eldest brother, you can rest assured that we know what to do. ‘ dog left quite a chest, confidently said. Suddenly, I grabbed the dog’s left hand excitedly and said, ” Hey, the dog’s left is growing up.”. Listen to the old people: once upon a time, a geomantic gentleman passed by camel island, saying that the island was a treasure land because there are two wooden stick fairies in the mountain, and people on the island will live better and better.. Decades later, although the wooden stick fairy is there, people’s life is still very difficult. Since the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Party, the spring breeze of reform has blown across the great river north and south, and even this desert island has undergone earth-shaking changes.. One day, the geomantic gentleman hit the road again, and he was horrified. He said that people on the island would surely suffer from disaster because they made mountains and fields and moved the aura of wooden sticks, and the wooden stick fairy had already flown away.. The people on the island took advantage of the east wind of reform to create mountains and fields, to plant scientifically, to block the sea and build a circle, and to cultivate scientifically.. The former desert island has now become a rich land of fish and rice.. The people on the island not only did not suffer from robbery, but the better their lives were.     After graduating from high school, my greatest wish is to be a soldier. However, due to poor eyesight, he did not get his wish. Finally, I had to go into the factory and become a worker.     When Hu Zhu went to high school, his father died because of the deterioration of his condition. As the eldest of his family, he had to drop out of school.. Later, he put on his military uniform and joined the army.. The result was glorious sacrifice in the Sino – Vietnamese self-defense counterattack.     The dog left was led astray by the desire for splendor and wealth, and was finally jailed.     The cruel reality gave me an unbearable blow. When I woke up, the sun was going down. The afterglow of the sunset gave the whole island another layer of dream color. I stood up, rubbed my red eyes, took a deep look at this long-lost maple tree, and strode toward the village.. I’m going to see Tiger Pillar’s mother.     The whole sky was flushed with the setting sun, and tomorrow is a good day.[ Editor in Charge: Rain Also Odd ]