Attending the Impression Rule ( 6 ) suddenly reminded me of my great grandfather Wen / Xi Zhi at the beginning of the year. Since my hometown was demolished, I haven’t had the courage to go back to the ruins of my former residence, although my parents rented a residence six miles away from my hometown.. I am afraid of touching the scene and feeling alive. I feel sorry for the old place that has brought me infinite good and happy time for more than 50 years.. Last night’s dream returned to his native land, back to a thatched cottage called Xiayuan in the south of the village decades ago, where he met my great grandfather, who lived in the old house for many years.. Great grandfather’s voice, face and smile once again passed through time and space and clearly entered my dream. The old man died in 1976 at the age of 83, when I was in my teens. In my memory, the old man never worked in the farmlands. If he saw the work, he would often dig a basket, pick up some sticks and bumps in the slope, and go home to boil water and make tea.. At that time, great-grandmother had died for many years and lived in this thatched cottage.. My grandfather is the eldest son, the second son and my second grandfather. As long as I can remember, it was two families that took turns to send rice to my great grandfather, but only to boil water and drink tea by themselves. For a time, my eldest brother and I were serving meals in rotation, and my second grandfather was a fourth uncle who was one year older than me.. Great grandfather, in my eyes, is a hale and hearty old man with a straight back and gray hair and beard. He is tall among the old men of his own age in the village.. Whether sitting or walking, the long cigarette bag never leaves its hand. The old man’s speech is not much, and he is also unsmiling. He always gives a person a feeling of independence, which may be due to his character.. The contact between me and the old man, apart from the delivery of food from the north end of the village to the lower garden, is that my uncle and I often carry water to the old man’s house.. This work is generally done by adults, and carrying water is also our voluntary work, and we have our own plan.. My fourth uncle and I grew up together and were inseparable childhood partners, and went to school in the same year.. That is to say, if we want to buy a pencil eraser notebook or something and sometimes don’t want money from home, then we will go down to the garden and look at the lack of water in the old man’s jar. We will take the initiative to pick up a bucket and a wooden stick and go to the shallow well in the Xihe River. Although the old man won’t let him go, he is afraid of safety problems, but we will still go. When the water jar is filled, a shout will be issued, ” Grandpa”, a shout,” Grandpa”, and the old man will start asking for money. When the old man knows what he wants money, he will gladly find out two or five cents from the small handkerchief under the pillow of the head of a bed.. Later, as long as we come to carry the water, the old man always prepares the change first and gives it to the two’ xian’ and’ sun’ with impure motives.. Therefore, the lovely aspect of the old man’s family is his generosity to his grandchildren.. Great – grandfather’s life experience is only slightly known from grandfather’s words. When I was a young man, I ran the journey for gold and went for several years.. It is said that the harvest is quite abundant. In 1931, ” nine. The 18th’ Incident, when Japanese troops invaded Shenyang, invaded the three northeastern provinces one after another. In 1932, the entire northeast fell to the enemy.. Great grandfather’s blood, sweat and gold are being consumed by Japanese guns and smoke.. Great grandfather that year, packed up his breadbasket and hurried home. On the way to the street, all the gold that had been hard-earned for many years was taken away by the robbers, but they begged all the way and went home in a mess.. Listen to grandpa, great-grandfather’s culture is still quite high. At that time, the family was rich and had been in private schools for many years.. The old man’s abacus can’t be compared with anyone in four miles and eight townships. He can set up a square on the abacus. Now people can add, subtract, multiply and divide on the abacus. I think they are also masters.. His old man’s house is free and has no skill at all, nor has he heard of the extreme. But the old man’s other brilliancy has been brought into play. After liberation, the country’s countryside carried out a vigorous land reform movement, from mutual aid groups and cooperatives to advanced societies, which was a glorious period for great grandfather.. Farmers’ private land should be re-measured when they enter the community. This is a job that requires mental calculation. Under normal circumstances, many people on a piece of land measure with a ruler, and then count according to the arithmetic rules. Great grandfather’s participation greatly improves efficiency. His old man’s house, carrying his hand behind his back, only has to walk around the ground, whether square, round or irregular. After walking a circle, I went back to the field, picked up the abacus, set a wave with my hand, divided three times five by two, and the result came out, very accurate. Great grandfather’s story, know and hear very little, because I was young and ignorant at that time, how could I think of writing articles about his old man’s house in a few decades. In late autumn 1976, my great grandfather died. His great – grandson, who was on the table in front of his mourning hall, and his fourth uncle robbed the sacrifice in front of the mourning hall, took away the 83 – year – old man’s life without knowing his grief.. July 2007