Acacia text in the fall / autumn Siyu long walks walking trails in the street covered with patches of autumn leaves autumn wind blowing through the shadowy figure went past eyelids murmur of a distant memory greeting evoke that period but never met as if returning to the old are Friends should not meet in this life will be doomed to meet when I’m with you….      Beat TV drama familiar keyboard slightest smile filled the face of the deep depths of the soul already bears the words your name sentence concerned melted ice has long been the spiritual world never meet your appearance but clearly visible fell in love should not love season is right or wrong had lost its way.      Why can not the vast sea meet, fall in love with you pass only loneliness and solitude leaving only concerned with regards to the sound of frustration and helplessness really unreal Acacia confession in exchange for not embracing you can not promise you only let yearning tears blurred my eyes Acacia Acacia at night should not be doomed to this life you will heartache.   Yuet Wah production