There is a young and beautiful girl, born wealthy, family property rich, yet versatile, life is good, matchmaker also is driving the threshold of her home to tatters, but she did not want to get married, because she felt she did not really see the boy wants to marry.  Until one day, she went to a temple relax, to thousands of the crowd and saw a young man, Needless to say anything, anyway, girls think that the man was the result of her waiting in the.Unfortunately, the temple too crowded, she could not come to the man’s side, so watch as the man disappeared into the crowd.Two years later, the girl looked round for the man, but it evaporated as people like without a trace.Girls pray to Buddha every day, hoping to see the man.Her sincerity touched the Buddha, a manifestation of Buddha.  Buddha said: “You want to see the man do?”The girl said:” Yes.!I just want to see him again!”Buddha:” You want to give up everything you now, including love your family life and happiness.”Girl:” I can give up!”Buddha:” You also have to practice five hundred years Daoxing to see him.You do not regret?”Girl:” I do not regret!”The girl turned into a big rock, lying in the middle of nowhere, 400 years of wind and sun, miserable, but the girls think there is, worse is that four hundred years did not see a person, I can not see a little bit of hope, that she almost collapsed.  Last year, a quarrying team came, saw her huge, her article hewn a great stone, brought into the city, they are building a stone bridge, so the girl into a stone bridge fence.  Stone bridge built on the first day, the girl saw, and that she waited five hundred years man!He hurry, like what is urgent, and soon passed from the middle of stone, of course, he will not find a stone being stared at him.Once again the man disappeared.  Buddha is re-emerging.  Buddha: “Are you satisfied yet?”Girl:” No!why?Why I’m just the bridge guardrail?If I was laying in the middle of the bridge, I can hit him, I can touch him!”Buddha:” You want to touch him?Then you have to practice five hundred years!”Girl:” I am willing!”Buddha:” You eat so much pain, no regrets?”Girl:” no regrets!”The girl turned into a tree, stand in a coming and going of the Official Road, where there are a lot of people go through every day, every day watching the girls are in the vicinity, but even worse, because many times full of hope to see a people came, nor hopes were dashed several times.There are not five hundred years of practice, I believe that girls already collapsed!The days of the past, the girl’s heart gradually calmed, she knew, not the last day, he will not happen.Is a five hundred years ah!The last day, the girl knew he would come, but her heart is no longer excited actually.  coming!he came!He is wearing his favorite white gown, her face was so handsome, the girl looked at him journeying.This time, he did not walk a hurry, because the day is too hot.He noted that there is a roadside tree, then the dense shade of a tree is very attractive, take a break, so he wanted to.He went to the foot of a tree, against the roots, slightly closed his eyes, he fell asleep.Girl touched him!He leaned against her side!However, she could not tell him that this millennium Acacia.She only try to gather together to shade for his sinister block the sun.Thousand years of tenderness ah!Man just nap the moment, because he still has things to do, he stood up, patted the dust on the gown, in the moments before leaving, he looked back at this tree, and slightly stroked the trunk, about to thank the tree for him to bring cool bar.Then he went straight away!  As he disappeared in her line of sight at the moment, the Buddha has emerged.  Buddha: “Are you still want his wife?Then you have to practice.”The girl calmly interrupted the Buddha’s words:” I was tempted, but do not have the.”Buddha:” Oh?”Girl:” This has been very good, love him, do not necessarily want to be his wife.”Buddha:” Oh!”Girl:” He is now a wife like me, suffered for it?”Buddha nodded slightly.  Girl smiled: “I can do, but do not have the.”At this moment, the girl found Buddha slight sigh, or that the Buddha gently relieved.  Girls a bit surprised: “Buddha is also their minds?”Buddha’s face broadened into a smile:” Because this is very good, there is a little boy can wait a thousand years, he was able to look at you, has been practicing for two years.”Life is always balanced in a way we understand or do not understand.