[REVIEW]: This bridge was take some years, the deck (board) has been trampled everyone was very smooth.Also reveals a faint glimmer of light, swarthy.Summer barefoot walk on, immediately burst of cool Qinru Heart, extremely happy.    Like most of the southern town, as the town built by the water.Economic and cultural center located in the river north, the south is rolling farmland.A pontoon bridge north and south sides of communication.  Bridge is paved with wooden structures made of those boats above.Catch the rising flood, soon put a bridge, untying ropes on the shore, the whole bridge is no longer floating in the water, but floating in the river bed.That scene is quite spectacular, caught up indispensable to enjoy some of the.  This bridge was take some years, the deck (board) has been trampled everyone was very smooth.Also reveals a faint glimmer of light, swarthy.Summer barefoot walk on, immediately burst of cool Qinru Heart, extremely happy.  Residents of the county who always like when idle to look at the river, the bridge take one or two back and forth.Especially in the scorching heat, people on the bridge of a boat full of shade, but that’s not what better than air conditioning.Even robust cool guy on the river all night so did not dare to stay, surely bring a blanket or a class of thin quilts, dare this habitat.  The fifties and sixties, with his first high school in the county, school site selected three peaks to the foot of the south bank of the river, yard, pleasant scenery.Since then, sooner or later the bridge more than a landscape, it is the school with a satchel school students who.  Morning, Yazi are carrying a bag, he rubbed his eyes and ran toward the school, met the road bridge is the south bank of suburban farmers who lug shoulder the burden of a wide variety of dishes, but also dishes that mud sticking with water, a look that is just cut to the ground.Paul allowed knows the weight of people in there who Yazi seven Regardless of eight aunt or something, just a hurried nod, hurried away.In the evening, Yazi they came home from school, when the school’s job is not so much now, my mother had burned the dinner, which is the least busy time of day, all the way to play it is to go all the way.Roadside fields of grasshoppers, cicadas, etc. trees catch a lot, then came to the river in no hurry to cross the bridge must first play in water, rose water to catch a few hot days, when ya man undressed Mengzi the water on a tie.Ya embarrassed female children into the water, but still reluctant to half a day at the shore.Had enough, trouble enough, the moon slowly rises, then hurry home to set foot on the boardwalk.Only when the water rose every year, so that we can not enjoy frolic.  May and June flood season, the river is no longer the docile little girl, jumped the river, one night, nearby farmland flooded, floating on the water alone the bridge.People can no longer successfully to and from the.  The most inconvenient of those students, there is no bridge, you can not cross the river, can not go to school, the school holidays only.But these are not big experience for children.Small, rose water, and most or the bridge we are concerned.Small melon head, has been in doubt, put up a bridge of water, tied rope shore are the solution out, and that the bridge will not be washed away by how great waters it?I had to climb high walls looking up stakes Department cables, but has not found a distance that is in our eyes a floating bridge on the river when the water rose, the water year was particularly large, even the edge of the road secondary schools are flooded, the river that looked endless, but how could not find that the bridge.We all could not help but worry about the water back, how to build this bridge.But the water does not know how to bridge back there, let these kids very strange.  Say rising water inconvenience until high school that I have the experience.Lived in the school, usually do not how to go out into the streets.Occasionally go shopping to buy things, to see a movie or something.  One day in the evening and went to a classmate across the cinema, Afterwards, we went to the river, wow, incredible, do not know when, the river rose, the bridge has been let go, can not go back and we had to find another residence.The next morning again, this water can grow fast enough, far already see marginal, but get back to school, or to criticize the teacher.Looking for a boat, and several students and guests sit on left.  Although there is no rain that day, but because the river upstream of the surge, coupled with the reservoir drainage, the river has long been a flood surging boundless.We sat on either side of the boat, the water splashed on him from time to time, a small boat up and down constant ups and downs, everyone’s heart in the throats.Scared crying classmates at the time, did not dare to tamper with the kind of grasshopper on the boat, afraid of a careless boat to capsize, and that’s no joke.Back to school for a long time I did not dare boat.  Two years later, the town began to build new bridge.During that time, each and every family, and leisure are all talking about the new bridge, concerned about its progress, looking forward to after the completion of convenience.Not laying deck, impatient people went up.Later, after the card was stopped headquarters bridge, and everyone acquaintances.At that time, if there is so little relationship can walk to the bridge of the people in the crowd’s eyes flew up tall image.  Bridge opened to traffic that day, the whole city is boiling, crowd-pleasing, young and old people went to see the opening ceremony of the.Some residents have come up with a camera, to record this moment forever down.  The new bridge is completed, make a town more than a place of viewing, guests are coming, the bridge is sure to bring tour.People gradually neglected pontoon.Only people living in the vicinity, in order to facilitate further away from that.Only the summer before they can see people on the pontoon shade, but far better than in the past.  University graduate first years, and his colleagues after dinner, go for a walk, often walking around the city, go first pontoon bridge, and then by the bridge back to school.  Time rush, grow old.I do not know which year began, people no longer care about the bridge-building.As if a night on the river so much more of the bridge, what road bridges, railway bridges, pedestrian bridges; what Tongji Bridge, Ssangyong Bridge, Hong Ji bridge, gold Hongqiao etc., than a beautiful one, unique, to Wu Jiang adds a beautiful landscape.Tall pontoon do not know what year it disappeared, boats on the river has gradually disappeared.Never rise because water can not cross the river.At this point Jiangnan has long become the new economic center of political culture, past farmland has long been replaced by high-rise buildings.  Walking on the bridge, few appreciate the different kind of feelings, very few relaxed mood.The same as elsewhere, people coming and going each bridges hurry, and looked indifferent, walking in heavy traffic every day, you can see just to grab people’s interest busy, irritability.  Occasionally, pontoon think, think of the past, find a few friends about holidays, bring the kids, came to the quayside, rent a boat, it is not the past grasshopper boat, and wide a lot, there is a small table, edge put a few chairs, and beautiful awning above, but before the water had fully armed, set to wear something like a life jacket.After careful examination several times, and finally into the water.Boat start up, even though too fast, you can turn off the motor and let the boat drift with the wind it so, and at little cost, however, but could not find the kind of flavor of the past.[Editor: Tianshao Yu]