On the night of the long sea, all things are eager to dawn sun.The sun is a symbol of light, it will take you out of the darkness before dawn last.However, the endless darkness, no sun, no light, and even the pre-dawn dawn deliberately slowed down the pace of arrival, only on the coast lighthouse stands, slightly emitting a faint yellow light.Trek sailors mood lighting and movement also followed up, because there is the home of direction.    And I, like a man lost in the sea sailor.Parents, teachers, friends like over there in the sea of the lighthouse guiding me forward road.    On the way I grew up, I have been lost direction, when I stood on the crossroads, I have a loss, too helpless.Like my parents the way forward in the lighthouse, they scold me their ways and teachings.Every scolding parents, in order to correct the mistakes in my life learning and committed, as Sima Qian said: “resented help line, good medicine tastes bitter,” so I think the parents are no longer blame cacophonous.But also because parents earnest persuasion and education, so I understand a lot of a lot of books to school the truth, until now, the teachings of my parents in the past still deeply engraved in my heart, more than any words back, to be effective formula.    On the way I grew up, nor had no teacher to teach and care.Teachers teach and care like a shining beacon.The teacher taught us words and deeds, tireless teaching knowledge, such as winter sunshine every care to students.In the teacher’s teachings, I began to grow, no longer before the naive child a child; in the teacher’s teachings, I began to grow, no longer before the naughty child a child; in the teacher’s teachings, I began to grow, that is no longer a child of ignorance before the.    I grew up on the road, have different friends will accompany me through a different section of the road, they also beaconed with me.I hope my friends will encourage me when I failed, I was sad to comfort me, make me cry when I Poti and laugh, while I am happy to share their happiness together, they are happy among us.Of course, this is only hope.I can not afford to dream and everyone around me all this to me, just hope my friends do this to me, even if it is one thing Ye Hao.Can do that not many people, and only she can do.She knew what I really meant was, would set me free when I’m embarrassed, I will do a lot more surprises and moving things.Friends will one day leave us, we will eventually grow up alone, while now, and friends together to enjoy time together.    As sung a song: “You are the brightest lighthouse in life, let me warm my brave fly, this road can not always inevitable scars, bruises just have to make life more loud and clear.Shining beacon, like a glimmer of hope, so I have the courage to chase a dream, this road can not always inevitable scars, bruised just make life more loud “Thank you, my heart lit up the brightest lighthouse!