Beiming where shabu from the bag and pulled out a schedule: “lined up!”
  Sheng Joe: “???”
  How you feel the next two sets to the good?
  Meng Xing Shen smiled: “Then you will be very hard, but also can learn a lot under extreme pressure to see the depth, you will have yourself a whole new awareness.”
  Sheng Joe felt his eloquence good, it is estimated that with Beiming all from the same MLM dens out.
  Agreed things down, few people have instant arduous task together, Beiming where the “East Wind Breaks” script brought her over, she first looked at, what comes to mind before leaving, coming back to say: “Yes, forget tell you, a new director took over the crew heard us in contact heroine, you will roll call, Yang Yun director, you know it?”
  Sheng Joe thought for a long time, shook his head: “No impression.”
  Beiming who said: “Before you star Yao, the guest had a costume drama called” Chang Zuimeng “, remember not?”
  Sheng Joe about react: “is the director ah!”
  Star Yao had been forced to cast that actor’s guest master, winter wear skirts hanging wire, almost did not put her cold dead.When fixing the director came up waiting for her, gave her a business card and told her “sometime later mill is another world,” she said looking forward to cooperation with.
  Did not think fit