Mu child star is not happy: “I want to wear these clothes today proposed to you too.”
  Mu child star before I came in one second brain are wondering what might happen a little later.
  Cheng will double her, she quietly by the window in the door, etc., in order to give her deep kissing, holding and then she went to the back room, while her clothes faded edges kiss her, give her put on her already prepared wedding.
  In the process of the double self-appreciation, she quickly put on suits.
  One knee, proposed to her.
  What a perfect idea, but unfortunately there is no one thing that is envisaged Mu child star in the walk.
  Mu words seemed to remind the child star of the double drive, she went to recall all this room have seen, holding her hand over to the bed.
  ”When did you start to prepare?”
  She had thought it was the hotel’s, after all, room number 4, hoteliers in this regard the mind is entirely possible to do.
  She thought the stars just deliberately selected this room.
  It seems more likely now well-prepared, after all, she wanted to marry him here.
  Taking advantage of preparing for the wedding the way regarding preparations for the Muslim child star to marry him did not want to say, Bi