His reason the school thought well, intellectuals hold a grudge, at his office in provocative words, the principal anger to more normal head West.
  ”Fourth Brother, you are too exaggerated, but not the production team did not go to school, they wandered off a quick no?”Concentrate on reading Luming Wen interrupted,” shuttle too much trouble, let myself go West, you are still struggling to cope with the next test, if the test is not good, do not give you back the pot West.”
  Luming Wen Lu Jianxun are not do not know what virtue, good Transfers to West is certainly not a good thing, his first thought is that literacy exam, Lu Jianxun if the shuttle West, delayed a few hours every day, less time to review the exam results do not ideal, he may not blaming the West who?
  Perhaps, Lu 广州桑拿网Jianxun just want to use West as a shield, reducing the literacy test passing score.
  Powerful, really powerful.
  Unfortunately, he was seen through.
  Lu Jianxun wanted Luming Wen Chong shouted a few words, he struggled to find ways to save more money at home was hit by say people with ulterior motives, he became Luming Wen are brothers, what Luming Wen when he was?
  ”Fourth of saying makes sense, shuttle to pick it, after Who has time to pick West who, like the spring next year.”Xue Flower final word, if the winter fog big, careless encounter traffickers is also a problem, nothing around the house, pick individual is not a problem.
  Lu Jianxun cheer, “or mom’s right, West is the most intelligent of our family, from childhood to protect the.”
  Luming Wen disdain Pielepiezui, he still believes he’s feeling, Lu Jianxun in this matte深圳桑拿网r absolutely other intentions.
  As Lu Jianxun Figure t