This May Day, the biggest desire is to patronize the peach orchard, peach blossoms experience at the lovely thick abundant spring.May 2, through the lunch hour of pedestrians Lu Chang, sister and I went to take the family car, moving to Taolin ditch Taoyuan.From day to Tan peach orchard, but also half an hour.When the car pulled into the village, there is already a crowded car moving tide.With the bright lights of our passenger shuttle leading to Taoyuan like that like a jade belt on the road, as exposure to the great joy of the paradise on earth.Through the window, the right blocks of buildings unique shape of the residents, the unique European-style villa bathed in a festive, a different kind of style look, plus upstairs to the foot of the green carpet-like lawn, emerald lake, state of mind comfortable, like exile in dimensional picture of colorful.Left a winding mountain road on a hillside, with the water line, extending no end, appeals to the imagination.A clear brook Zhixie from the steep cliff down, spread a curtain of jade scattered chips that simple face, that bright voice, people touch one kind of unique beauty charm of nature, in particular, and echoed across the residential, you naturally think of peaceful Bling door green water through the ages welcome show.With this nourishing life ready to stream water, Taolin village also more a melodious music of life, more than a beautiful landscape a harmonious coexistence between man and nature.The way people surrounded the car, all the way to the parking lot reluctantly out of the village to find a place to put away the car in the staff carefully arranged, we come quickly walked quickly to the Taoyuan.More than ten meters out of the parking lot, is a boundless expanse of large reservoirs, water canoe, ball thrills and excitement, you will not believe this is from conception and design of rural villagers, you will not believe this sea of tourists most farmers from two counties and one district.Changes in economic conditions is also pursuing spiritual appreciation, the first among the “Top Ten charm of the province’s new countryside”, “national civilized village” Taolin ditch people, not just a vivid example of it?Due to congenital timid by not panic, I tried to stop the deportation of all water Masaoki excitedly headed for the local blossoming fruit trees – peach orchard park.Step onto the straight tens of meters high level, winding road through colorful scene, Taoyuan scenery vividly before us.Standing white clouds, blue sky Yingying day summit of dense vegetation, and Head overlooking the peach pink toot with rugged mountains extend freely, as if the flowers surging flow of high-rise buildings of the city; overlooking nearly Look, booming peach in Springfield in bright colors and cozy, exactly like My Fair Lady meet lover languishing hosting the Games.I can not help toward the peach, looked heartily, heartily sucking, enjoy touching, it seems that he is in a group of flowers blooming, tender and charming, elegant Fangfei.At this time, a burst of silvery laughter from far and near, I looked more fortunate, Qian image of a group of young girls between the peach orchard cheerful birds jumping, or they Nianhua smile, or watching your breath, or laughing and playing , or silent, with eyes Caijuan dreaming of this integration, not a good mood, is not that the “Moment of truth” in Chun-bo glittering yet?Is not that the “east wind Trees blossom, representing the most important matter to spend spring break,” the real freehand it?The beauty of harmony between man and nature in this Tachun not asking you to spend so on crowd?Soul sister to see me drunk to spend themselves unable to keep pressing the shutter digital for me, the most colorful collection of the late spring, the most attractive screen.In fact, this collection is far more than just my moments, and that the shuttle leaves in peach pictures of men and women, Laolaoxiaoxiao, do not they have to be this beautiful flower position, deep fragrance intoxicated reluctant to leave it?If Tao Yuanming<桃花源>Can iron out disputes fame, luxury materialistic desire, then embedded in this mountain village, Taoyuan Wonderland coal fire like Xia, the ability to clean snow Bingqing a kind of indifferent, aloof from the state it?So, I think Taoyuan designers, there is no innovation of courage, aggressive no scientific wisdom, did not enhance the value orientation of quality of life, there is no end to the United States beginning peach beauty, life flawless deep Reading, Taolin not ditch will be showing today, “Recipe, Shining,” the stunning Tianzi.”Sister, we go back down the mountain road cart car and had a packed crowd, do not think of law child out this afternoon, I am afraid to wait until nightfall to clear the right lane!”The young girl reminded me wake up, because yesterday evening not long into the traffic jam do not go home Attractions?With the mood reluctantly jumped on the car ride on a narrow mountain road leading to the city and another steep, my heart, my love, my people, has been unable to move out of this romantic and brilliant flowers of the peach orchard, are peach said tours to choose a sunny day, peach under the sun is a celebration of the life of the green to drop, irresistible.I choose to see the peach is the spring of the May Day holiday, five people in view of flowers, waves of hard work to sail on the river Ming Haili, physical and mental fatigue rarely have a thorough relief and indulgence, rare in this “Spring bomb peach fragrant garden “get drunk in ecstasy.