A few days ago, there was a big rooster in my family, with a grand appearance and beautiful red hair with colorful spots and bright tails.. The cockscomb on the head is red like a crown, and looks both mighty and masculine. After other roosters were gradually disposed of, this big rooster even flew in the sky and pulled out his retinue.. Originally, this rooster was a mighty leader in the chicken flock. He did not allow any rooster in the chicken flock to approach the hen. Anyone who violates this rule will be punished by him with black and blue wounds.. In general, these roosters dare not molest the hens in front of the king of chickens.. Unless under special circumstances, when the king of chickens can’t take care of them, he will dare to secretly make out with the hen he likes.. At this time, if the chicken king finds out, he will be chased around and flee for life. Therefore, under the authority of this robust chicken king, other roosters, even if they have the thief’s heart, dare not have the thief’s bravery..     During the Spring Festival, after his wife removed one rooster from another, the rooster was able to dominate the flock. He no longer had to worry about other roosters cheating with his concubines.. It has established a hierarchy of chickens and created a unique order in which only’ I’ and’ I’ are respected in the chickens.. Its will must be carried out throughout the flock. All hens are his concubines, and they must obey whoever they want and when they do..     In the world of human beings, the emperor will try his best to be lucky to the concubine several times if he likes her.. However, in the world of chickens, this does not seem to be the case. There is a hen in the flock, who has very good looks, reddish hair and shiny oil.. This hen is probably a ” beauty” in the flock by chicken standards. The rooster king seems to like it very much. Wherever he goes, he will always be with him.. Every time a rooster king catches a delicious worm, he will lick it twice with his mouth and kill it, then call the ” beauty” hen to eat it with a very intimate voice of ” goo, goo, goo …”. When the hen heard the call, she also made no mention of it, swallowing the worm into her stomach three times five divided by two.. Strange to say, in people’s eyes, the rooster’s call is a tone, but for chickens, the rooster king’s call is aimed at several people.. The rooster king’ goo goo goo”, except the’ beauty’ hen, the other chickens are indifferent..     Although rooster king liked the hen, he never stepped on it. When other hens were trampled by the rooster king without hair on their backs, ” beauty” hen’s hair was intact. Probably the rooster king is afraid of stepping on ” beauty” and ” hen changed its exterior” beauty ”.     The rooster king leads his flock of’ concubines’ to hunt for food from side to side every day, jumping on which hen he needs to have fun.. Very handsome. However, this chicken king is a monarch who is cruel to the inside and timid to the outside.. Whenever foreign enemies invade, this chicken king will take the lead in leading his favorite ” beauty” and ” concubine” to hide, and will never fight with foreign enemies to protect his subjects.     Once, when the rooster king saw an eagle hovering in the air, he realized that the eagle was a subject under his control and a concubine who usually wielded power over them. instead of giving them an alarm to hide, he took the lead in leading his favorite’ beauty’ hen into the tree tree and watched the eagle house rush down and hold down a hen to eat it.. The rooster king, who normally controls the rooster, did not even dare to move at this time until the eagle had finished eating the hen and flew away, before he dared to quietly come out to control the rooster again.. And no shame.     In the first month, the village came to sell chickens and cubs, pulling them with warm boxes and selling them everywhere. Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, many industries have broken the seasonal restrictions and can supply products to the market anytime and anywhere.. When his wife saw that others had bought it, she also bought 40 chicks for more than 200 yuan.. After more than three months of careful feeding, the chicks soon grew into big chickens. Most of these newly grown young chickens were hens and only nine were roosters.. These newly grown young hens were soon taken as concubines by the old chicken Wang Na, and young roosters who grew up with them as childhood friends were not allowed to approach them. The newly grown roosters look very big, but their bones have not yet grown up, and they are not rivals of the old king of chickens.. For people, people can be divided into three or six or nine classes in the crowd, and for each chicken in the flock, they can also be divided into three or six or nine classes.. Among these newly grown young hens, there is a little yellow-haired hen who just doesn’t believe in that evil. She doesn’t want to have sex with the old chicken king. Every time the old chicken king starts a sexual assault on her, she skillfully avoids it.. It looks at the young cockerels who grew up with it as childhood sweethearts. These newly grown cockerels are young and handsome compared with the old and pale rooster king.. In the eyes of the little yellow hen, these little cocks are handsome young men. He has repeatedly and deliberately made out with the cockerels who grew up with him in front of the old king of chickens, and the old king of chickens ran around the yard like a monster.. Those cockerels are afraid of the power of the old chicken king. Even if they have a false heart, they don’t have the courage of the thief.. Only when the old chicken king can’t take care of it at a glance will he dare to cheat with the hen.     One day in June, his wife planed the ground in the garden and prepared the ridge for planting cabbage after lunch.. The old chicken king led the group of hens into the garden and scratched his wife’s good ridge.. Angry wife bitterly scolded: ” I must kill the big rooster for everyone to eat it on my birthday.”. Let it lead a group of hens to death and chaos all day long. ‘ on June 26, his wife got up early, blocked the chicken coop door and tried to catch and kill the big rooster, and used it to cook before the guests arrived..However, today the rooster king seems to understand what his wife means today. Usually, this chicken king would have stood at the door early, waiting for his wife to open the door of the chicken nest, and the first one ran out to flap his wings and stretch his neck to blow a loud trumpet, announcing the start of a new day.. But today, it is hiding among the hens and does not want to come out for a long time.. His wife stretched out her hand to pay for it several times, but she did not pay for it. She was tired and wanted to take a break to pay for it again.. We can’t imagine the old chicken king eyeing the gap ” ceng”! To a sound out, his wife quickly caught a handful, didn’t catch let it run away. If you don’t catch it in your nest, it’s harder to catch it when you run out. I saw him running far away and laughing at his wife: ” I can’t catch him.”! . ” The wife also can’t take it. I had to be assigned to drive to the town to buy some broilers.     I put on my clothes and went out to start the car. At this moment, a group of chickens were eating food sown by their wives. The old chicken king tried to sexually invade the yellow hen again and again with malicious intent, but the yellow hen promptly dodged him every time.. All of a sudden, the old chicken king took advantage of the little yellow hen’s inattention to launch a tough attack and tried to force the little yellow hen into submission by opening a hard bow.. The little yellow hen saw the old king of chickens coming, jumped on a shelf I had set up at Fangshan’s head flexibly, jumped from the shelf to the ground again, and ran away after changing rooms.. The old chicken king did not show weakness either. He followed closely behind the little yellow hen. The little yellow hen jumped on the shelf and it also jumped on the shelf, but it was not as lucky as the little yellow hen. He jumped to the edge of an empty basket where I left the orange last winter and pushed it over.! ‘ impartial just buckle on the old chicken king, firmly buckle the old chicken king in the basket. The old chicken king immediately felt the situation was not good and struggled in the basket for a few times to no avail. He began to calm down and think about the way to escape.. First, he stood up and hunched up to lift the basket, with a seam on the top to try to escape. However, the basket was more than an inch higher than the chicken. The old chicken king couldn’t get up, and the gap in the basket was small. The old chicken king couldn’t display his skill, so he had to lie down quietly and wait for the verdict of fate..     Seeing this, I ran into the house and said to my wife, ” Don’t buy meat chicken, big rooster caught it.”. ‘ The wife did not believe it and asked: ” Who caught it?”? You caught it? I said, ” He caught himself by himself.”. I told the story again, and my wife said happily, ” It’s a damn thing, and lewd will have no good end.”. Then he came out and bitterly scolded the big rooster in the basket: ” Call you lecherous, one faction lecherous, and like Lei Zhengfu, lecherous ruined the future and ruined everything .” He said, bending over to open a crack in the basket and bring out the old rooster king.. The old chicken king probably anticipated his fate. He must have been a generation of chicken king and also had the demeanor of an emperor. After his wife caught him, he neither struggled nor begged for forgiveness.. Let his wife twist his head, pluck the hair from his neck, take out a bowl and a kitchen knife from the house, and his wife puts the knife on the edge of the cylinder.! Cheep! ‘ to rub the two, at this time, it probably felt the coming of the big limit, nerve reflex, move for a moment. His wife put the knife on his neck and pulled it back and forth for a few times. The blood immediately flowed out of the knife edge like a note, flowing through most of the bowl. After seeing how it didn’t flow, she threw it on the ground, and it ended its lewd life motionless..     At noon, his wife told everyone about the old chicken king’s self-imprisonment for lewd behavior, and everyone talked about it in succession, from Lei Zhengfu to Yang Dacai, and from Yang Dacai to all the official squatters who had fallen due to lewd behavior. At last, she came to the conclusion that all the lecherous men in the world had no good end, and the end was either illegal imprisonment or day imprisonment..     In the nineties of last century, many dogs were lost in the village, and dog thieves led a rutting bitch around the village. In a few days, all the male dogs in the village were lured into the soup pot by color.. Those who seduce officials with their hues can’t avoid hiding their evil intentions before they use them. They just throw out’ color’ bait and wait for officials to bite the hook.. Even if you rely on your power and lust for money and color like the old king of chickens, you will not be able to cure heaven and earth for a long time and will never end well..     On September 10, 2013 in Pinggang, Huadian