Although it is winter season, the recent weather seems not as cold as winter, more still like autumn weather, sometimes very cold, but often still relatively hot. With the new historical calculation, a year really has passed.   On the 31st of December, we came to write the monthly summary of December, the Spring Festival has not yet arrived, so we will write it later.   First, when I think of these two words recently, I often think of myself, whether I was stupid or stupid before.. Because I don’t understand these two words, so many people are running to the end. I’m still on the way, slowly and leisurely.   As you should know before, what I’m saying is take your time, consider the problem slowly, but do things quickly.   The same 1000 messages are sent. Some people send 10 messages a day, even on weekends and when they get sick, they will still send 100 days. But if you send 400 items a day, it won’t take 3 days. The rest of the time can go out to play.   In the month of TWELVE, someone in the group did a particularly good job of optimizing the search engine.. Is to find someone to exchange points.   In a very short period of time, we can put the index of several hundred to the front.   At first, I was thinking, this method is known to all, fast must be fast, and the effect must be effective. But it is drinking zhenniao to quench thirst. if you don’t order it later, it will surely fall down. Of course he also knows, but he still goes to the point and insists on going to the point.   Behind me, I was thinking, he must not be a fool, fool must be myself, then why does he still do this.   Think of this, I think of a story, is Haier’s boss, ask the following people, how can a stone float in the water. Many people said that the stone was fake, many said that the water was special, and some asked that there was something wrong with the problem..   Haier boss said, no, it’s speed. As long as it reaches a certain speed, it will fly up.   He is so little, must have effect. Maybe we don’t care about that, so this is just like me before, saying that life is coming slowly, they all arrive at the end, and I am still coming slowly.. He can pick up millions of bills a year, and many of us haven’t moved yet.   This is not the key point, but the key point is the back, because we are leading step by step and standing on our head all our lives..   In 2000, I wrote 1000 articles in my journal. If I had done so before, I would have been extremely happy, all 1000 articles. How could I still not be happy?. If you write an article every day, it will take 3 years. And even on weekends.   Just, when I looked at the blogs I had imitated seriously again, I found that I was really stupid.   It took them only two years to write 2000 articles, while I wrote 1000 articles for four years..   In fact, more or less articles are not important, but that idea is still important. The assembly line is very important, but some things must be innovated, innovated and re – innovated, and the speed line must be followed.. This is the speed I said above.   Sohu now has the same market value as he did 10 years ago.   Tencent, 10 years less than Sohu, is now dozens of times more than Sohu.   The same time, the same development, the different methods of operation, are operational. Because Tencent will think about innovation and create many new things, another more obvious is Alibaba. Sohu, it seems that we seldom see his news.   But we must also know that Sohu himself is also developing, walking steadily and not so fast.   But maybe you can’t see it at the beginning, and you can see it at the back.   If I were allowed to write 1000 more articles, I would certainly be able to finish them in a very short time. However, time cannot return to the past, and life is not what it was like. I was no longer the same age in a flash, and the environment was already gone at that time..   By my side, I make more than 10 million dollars a year by doing the internet, none of which is not earned by spending millions of dollars a year on advertising.   Three, early pedestrians actually have the latter part of the above sentence, that is, they earn more than 10 million yuan a year, none of which is not earned by spending millions of dollars a year on advertising, and none of which criticizes me every day when they meet me.. Why always criticize me, because I am too low – end.   Of course, the back will be better gradually. At first, they wanted to brainwash me every day..   Of course, this brainwashing is the kind of concern that hate iron does not produce steel.. Because seeing me grow too slowly.   Because at the beginning, they also thought that, like others, all of us in the group are doing search engine optimization, are not willing to spend money, and are all beginners.. Actually, it’s wrong. 90 % of the people in the group are veteran and 10 % are novice.  Of course, this has nothing to do with my position. I stumbled because Alibaba has more bosses.   In December, coffee came to Fuzhou again. He said, ” We’re going to do WeChat, and we’re talking again.”. Coffee is the first three children’s shoes on Taobao and the first six car supplies on Taobao. I said, why did you enter my group at the beginning. He said, look at your advertisement and write it well.   Rich people are so willful, not stupid, but really smart.   It’s just that I’m still the silly guy.   The bottles in the group were used for computer maintenance. It used to be a small shop, waiting for customers at home every day, reinstall the system 30. Later, he said, life can’t do that.. So he registered three companies, one with a registered capital of 800,000.   The store will not be opened, an office will be set up, and the decoration will be more luxurious. He said that the decoration money can definitely be earned several times.   At present, he is also directly following Baidu’s bidding route, and is cooperating with enterprises, such as helping them repair their computers. Their company has 100 units, which is 1000 units a year, and 100 units is 100 thousand units a year.. Because he now has a system that charges at least 260.   When talking to the bottle, he said he did business with the reputation of a big company, although the company had only two people..   Four, trajectory thought of trajectory, we will certainly think of the parabola before, some lines were not high, once very high. Some of the height lines, which were originally very high, went down slowly, and many were always as straight as the abscissa..   Bottles are the ones that are flat at first and tall at the back..   And his brother, like him before, also learned to repair the computer and then set up shop on the side of the road, but now he still sets up shop on the side of the road, but now he earns less and less and it is becoming more and more difficult.. This trajectory is related to many things.   In December, I went home once, and compared with my former classmates, we were only a little worse than that..   In fact, they can’t read either. They are much less daring than me. But now he is much better than I am, because there is always a man who told him that he is fine and will not fail to do so.. And we, thinking for half a day, still dare not step down. Time has passed.   A lot of people in the group ran in front of me in one fell swoop.   There was a person in the group who went to sea as a civil servant. He didn’t understand the Internet before, learned from behind, and then went to teach other people, the bosses, many of whom didn’t understand this, but knew that he was right, although it was a foundation for him.. So he did the trusteeship, a single is 100000.   Shoes used to be used as agents every day, and when they saw that micro-businesses were afraid, they always felt that others wanted to sell things to him and would not buy his things.. Hire several agents and ask him how to upload pictures every day. He has a big temper and is difficult to serve. I can’t sell another single.   Behind me, I said, you have to pay for it, and you have to find a veteran to act as an agent.. How much is his agency fee. 1900. It’s a long way from the beginning. He left three or two times and went in front of me. So compared with the people in the group, I am not very good, but they are really good.   Five, a point why shoes, after 90 girls can run so fast. Of course, she is courageous. That’s what I said above. I wrote 1000 articles, maybe four years, and let her write them, maybe two months, maybe one month.   How to say that, because we ordinary people do business, we must first exercise and then accumulate funds.   As for her, she secretly took her father’s property certificate to mortgage it, loaned 300,000 yuan, and then began to do business..   In addition to this courage, one more thing is that he is not greedy. Speaking from the bottom of my heart, we see too many people, even me, who are too greedy and always feel that we have reached this age and many things to do well and can keep up with..   I used to go out and play with my classmates. All they talked about was buying a car and where to buy a house.   Now I go out with my friends and generally talk less about this. I think more about how about this project and who made money from it.. Maybe some of them didn’t buy a house, but they were really cattle.   In December, I went to share with a big board company. The boss was that he was starting a business, but he didn’t want to do it first..   In fact, the start-up was successful. What do you want? What do you really have. Besides, he has already become and is stable. But he is still very low – key, very simple. Some things are important, but some things can be done well.  On my way back to my hometown, I was listening to the radio on my way to Fuzhou. There is an electromechanical and listed company. The chairman said it is not easy to start a business. Choosing a small theme to do a thorough job is the way out..   Speaking from the bottom of my heart, the risk of starting a business is really high, but there are always so many people who have followed suit. But when we find out that those who make things happen are really those who do one thing and do one thing with one heart and one mind..   Because they are very fast, it is silly to have a website at the front of the article, but it is really great wisdom.   With friends, maybe they are really older and they have a lot of ideas about time. They say that life is too short to do more meaningful things, such as starting a business and spending money on time..   For example, I can’t walk faster than they can by car.. And they took the best car, so in their world, their company is not big. But they really made a big profit. The word they hear most often about starting a business is outsourcing.   It is New Year’s Day in an instant and 2015 in an instant. Life is just a few autumn and tens of thousands of days, everyone is trying to move forward. I also hope I can have a little more temperature. Like today’s weather, even in winter, it is still as warm as summer.   Wishing you a happy New Year’s Day in advance and a happy 2015, working hard together, and wishing us a happy 2015 – -.   My QQ: 838504315, welcome to add. Wishing you a happy New Year!