When people retire, they have more and more leisure time, and the personality of living, jumping and loving makes my life more and more rich and colorful, and happiness lingers in casual silence..     I am a busy life and naturally like to be busy. If I don’t do things all day, my bones will hurt. So although I am retired now, I am still as nervous as I am at work, and I have a tight schedule every day.. Running against time every day, I think God will not give me too much time. I can’t lengthen my life, but I will widen the width of my life, let my limited life and do more things..     First of all, I like to write widely. Although I can’t write well, I like it. It is a part of my life.. Secondly, I like photography, and I studied after I retired. I have a little free time, with my camera, riding my own car, running around and recording every moment of my happy life with my camera.. And I love life and am interested in everything. Before I retired, I was responsible for the publicity and creation of the unit, and naturally I had to write articles. Writing small articles about life is my strong point. I get up every morning and cook rice in an electric cooker. I turn on the computer and type my feelings about life, joys and sorrows into my own space through words.. After I retired, I kept this habit in order to avoid premature dementia.. My writing is not for publication, but for a hobby, a love for life, an emotional outlet to express the beauty of life.. On the Internet, I have my own blog and Q space. They are the window of my heart, the storeroom of my feelings, and the home of my heart where I make friends and pour out my heart.. When breakfast is ready, one of my bean curd pieces will also mature.     After breakfast, cleaning, washing clothes, entertaining visiting guests, then taking to the streets to buy vegetables, washing the dishes at noon, cutting them, sorting them on a plate, preparing meals, picking up granddaughters at 11: 5, cooking dishes, cooking soup, after lunch, not resting, doing housework, the sisters of the 2 o’clock senior sports team rehearsing programs, or chatting, disbanding at 4: 30, I started cooking dinner, and then picking up granddaughters at school. Life is very regular.. I have to take care of the human affairs in the family, deal with banquets and have some free time. I have to take my camera and look in the fields to photograph the flowers and plants in nature, which often attracts villagers’ envy. An aunt said to me, ” You are so happy. When I retire, I will live like you.”. I’m really busy. Sometimes my friends get sick and I can’t find time to visit them. I’m busy, full and happy..     What is happiness? For me, happiness is to walk through every full day, even if it is another busy day, if I feel full inside, then I will be happy and I will be happy if I sweat more and eat more bitter.. In addition to the busy work of the elderly art team, it is my greatest happiness to find a period of time to keep myself busy happily..