Previous years, Jingyan out of a craft superb master mason.He jerk, sixty years old, but confiscated a disciple.When someone to worship him as a teacher apprenticeship, he always excuses, refused to receive.  One day, the old mason saw a young man sitting in front of six or seven dozen pig trough.His left hand drill, hammer good right hand, that posture and demeanor, inverted image of an old mason.But the effort is not home, playing along to fight cross, left and right chisel chisel, only to hit into the rough appearance of children.  Old mason sitting next looked for a long time, and asked: Who did you learn the craft of it?The young man said: I have not master it!Mason nodded slightly old saying; If you really want to learn mason, just like I learned it.Young man surnamed Liu, no name, he was called Liu baby.He listened to the words of the old mason, quickly pour body worship, mouth, said master.It turned out that the old stonemason not reluctant to transfer technology, he was able to identify a person to do more than his apprentice ah.  Old mason suddenly said: Hold on, I ask you, some people holding a hand hammer drill, give yourself a gold mine to play, but only some people give themselves carved a name, my disciples, that you want to learn mason ah?Liu soul then said: I carved a name is enough.Old mason suddenly to beat Liu baby, pride and say: You set the apprentice I received.Then die from dalian in a small wooden man, Liu told the baby, said: This is a model of a thousand faces, you watch him practice the craft of it.  Liu Bo baby thank the teacher, pick up the model, read and reread over and over again.Muren also strange that, when viewed from different angles, have different face and posture, ever-changing, endless.Liu put it down baby, sleeping in my hand, on the front woke up, he put on the table at dinner careful pondering, practicing so hard.Lunch in the cold days, the imperial north wind, waving hammering Shiren, dog day heat, sun roof, or playing Shiren.He hit one throw a.Fight fight ah ah, hand cocoon layers of thick, a little bit of sweat from his face drop.Played nine hundred ninety-nine, but not a satisfactory.  Willow made a three buds, azalea flowers opening three rounds, the old mason called before the baby said Liu.Disciples, you three-year apprenticeship, the apprenticeship friends!  Liu baby listening heart sank, and quickly said, Master, I have not even Shiren will learn to play mile, let me learn it for three years.Old mason Nianzhao beard, smiled and said: Come on Come on, you see these stones were littered with broken leg stump of the mountain, I am stronger than the craft.Let’s go back.Master Liu baby thought he was too stupid to cry, the dead do not want to leave.  Not old mason, thought a while and said: Well, we both teacher and student comparison and each repair chisel a statue, to see who is faster and better repair, you can be considered for apprenticeship exams.Liu nodded happily listening to baby.  Thus, in the master Jingyan Mahayana Mountain Shiyan carved stone building.He carved Guanyin Tathagata engraved, carved Fugen Monju engraved, carved Jianglongfuhu all Rohan, and engraved by listening to the study of law and disciple of the heavens, paradise by phase change.One another statue, a full thousand Buddha statues carved.Sure enough, master magic pen, a thousand Buddha posture different life.Old mason thought, my one thousand statues were chiseled successful, the apprentice has not come back, I do not know how much of it he chisels?  Liu baby came JiaZhou Gun Hill, coincides with Haitong monks are planning to repair Lingyun Giant Buddha.Liu Hai Tong baby admire, I thought, I help this monk hand, will be repaired Buddha, also considered the white own name engraved on a stone.  So he’s pointing at Haitong, Stones wood frame, aid climbing wall, day and night cutting up.  This is as high as a mountain with a large stone.Chisel eyebrows feet long seven or seven feet long nose, long ears nijo a head four feet four Shoulder Hachijo four.However, end riding, overlooking the three rivers, from head to foot as high as twenty feet.Liu baby chisel chisel ah ah, chisel and a bad one, hands Xuepao good and raw, raw sound and.Day after day, month after month, year after year, finally leaving only one hand is the chisel.He rested breath, suddenly remembered that he did not care a long time teacher, and my heart sorry, we bought two JiaZhou production of river fish break, someone take to the master.  Old mason come to ask: how much my apprentice repair Buddha?  The man said: a Buddha are not finished yet.  Old stonemason a fire, and then the fish fell to the ground, indignant and said: I chisel a thousand, he was a unfinished, considered the White Sect of this coward.Quickly go back and tell him that he is not to honor the fish master, but his arts.If three days without completing the Buddha that, do not see my life.  The man then told to go back to the master willow baby.Liu baby heard was getting very ashamed.He initiated the wolf coming, did not eat for three days and nights without sleep.Only the final nine chisel, and he saw far to the master, the master suddenly remembered his words blame, the heart of a panic, a hammer actually hit on the left hand, the eyes of a flower, fell from the cliff.  Old former mason hurried to catch up, picked up the disciples, but the disciples die.Liu baby unworthy of the master merely saying: Master, I’m not coming home and craft breathed.  Old apprentice mason took a large stone chisel surprised.This Buddha, not only that they did not hewn, not seen, even even imagined, can be considered the best in the world.He knew that white had wronged disciples, but also regret and hate.He should not cry every day, call heard by anyone, apprentice will never come back.  Old mason tears in my eyes, leaving the apprentice to complete the final nine chisel.He climbed the shoulder of the Buddha, to be engraved with the name of the apprentice.Liu had just had a word carved, hand shuddered engraved not go.Because he did not even name apprentice ah.