– Shenzhen Lotus Hill ardent matchmaker love Hongjie in the forefront of China’s reform and opening up, Shenzhen, although there is a mountain is not high, but very famous, there are countless people every day come here to play, fitness, flourished as a venue here.Deng Xiaoping, chief architect of China’s reform and opening up a huge statue on a hilltop here, attracting a constant stream of foreign tourists come to visit.Many party and state leaders have all come here to visit, paid, and that is the beautiful Lotus Hill.    Shenzhen, China’s reform and opening window of the city, one of the economic center of the city, the State Council a clear positioning of the three major international city, Shenzhen three consecutive years of economic growth, creating remarkable economic miracle construction.Shenzhen prosperity of countless migrant workers with their own sweat cast, everything here is imbued with countless migrant women workers of hard work, they made a great contribution to the construction of Shenzhen.Shenzhen has a foreign population of over ten million, they come from all over the world, cherish dreams and hopes come here, but it is bleak and receipt of loneliness, feelings of regret and disappointment.Shenzhen speed is their creation, Shenzhen high-efficiency fast-paced makes many people busy all day to attend to personal problems.    Singles emotional and marital problems has touched the nerve of society, has been for them and their families a lot of heart disease.Marriage is not resolved, they feel upset.To this end, they are looking around, hard in pursuit, painstakingly, but also less effective.    How much they need a sincere exchange platform!  They call this a bridge leading to the color of happiness in my heart!  How much they want to have an experienced, serious and responsible middle-aged people, they like the same parents, close friends, in love and marriage, for their checks, guidance!    In the beautiful lotus hill, there is such a person, not for reward, selfless dedication, hard work and sincere in her efforts, by a pair of single men and women of color bridge built her into the marriage, as well as hundreds of for a single person of color in her build a bridge to linger, but also a happy marriage is about to enter through this Colorful bridge.The enthusiastic matchmaker, singles welcome popular, very popular with the local people love and respect.    Over the past year, she With zeal and sincere, enthusiastic Shenzhen singles and older men and women matchmaking, low cost, good service, excluding tired of paying, efficient work, the sweet results, won a lot of single people and older men and women sought after and praise, respect her they loved her, her reputation as a “love Hongjie”.    Up to now, she has almost seventy pairs of matching the success of the marriage, is in the midst of love there are more than one hundred pairs, can be described as very fruitful.    We have seen the heart.Pay is a touchstone.She sincerely for customer service, phone calls, identify, presentation, persuasion, advice, charges the low is rare, it can be said that is not really even a little hard costs.She will charge you fifty dollars to one hundred yuan only, but it is guaranteed service period of one year.No wonder customers saw her eagerly call her “true love Hongjie” or simply “Hongjie” that people forget her real name.    She comes from the country’s northeast Heilongjiang distant patch of black land.  She is typical of the Northeast with warm, sincere and forthright.  She is very simple, but also very frank talk about words, first, a second, second, no false untrue, not the kind of glib believers.  Hongjie talked about his love for singles marriage service, but also inadvertently inspired to think of it.Indeed accidental, she frankly: “My daughter is looking for an object is not found, my woes was not, then I heard the Lotus Hill have blind corners, they come here to see and daughter together, and found that a single person is really too much, Shenzhen.I had this idea, want to single people and older men and women a favor, to do whatever they do, it can be considered worthiness, moved very full, live also interesting.My daughter is found here.I have spent a lot of twists and turns.”True Hongjie told reporters, after graduating from the University of their daughter, came to Shenzhen to work, to school and work, delayed marriage, in the huge Shenzhen, but the delay can not find a suitable marriage.To this end, mother and two very nerve-racking, where outsiders can not understand the pain.Perhaps true love Hongjie simple, kind and really touched God, but fortunately, God bless, love Hongjie daughter after searching, finally last year in the Lotus Hill blind corner to find Mr. Right.True love is really very happy Hongjie.  From the marriage of his daughter, and personally experience the Shenzhen Hongjie see single people and older men and women looking for a truth difficult.So she thought he is now no worries, we should try to help those who have not yet found the object.”So old is not a single thing, to see they really anxious, depressed, very feeling of sadness, I can not bear, wanted to oblige, do some good, it is good deeds.”Hongjie explained his original intention,” mixed in Shenzhen this place, it is not easy, the work itself is pressure, coupled with the marriage ring true, can really make life difficult for them.You should lend them a hand.”Every weekend, his older sister’s love is always around to come around a lot of men and women looking for love and advice, they come from all sectors of society, all ages.Among them, from the age of view: there is worried older unmarried young promising men, have to face it alone the burden of middle-aged men and women, has many years of bitter resistance alone lonely sixtieth old; feelings of marital status from the point of view, sure allowed to delay the older teens, have unrealistic expectations too picky outstanding men and women, there are no feelings of love and men and women had to break up, divorced men and women have deeply hurt the feelings of rupture; from the work point of view, some white-collar workers, some wage earners, some company executives, some teacher, some angels, some freelancers, more returnees; from the academic title of view, Dr. professor of adequacy, but also talented master engineer, lecturer, as well as primary and secondary education of the general public.    Matchmaking success from these marriages Hongjie love them, we can see that the population of Shenzhen complex, really from all over the world, far apart.So many men and women from across the country gathered in a city which, to go together, it is not easy!    Indeed thing as true love Hongjie said, looking for a lifetime partner in a big crowd, sincerely for your Recommend.    Elderly hard life, his old age, when they move towards old age and the end of life, inner desolation and suffering outsiders can not understand, their psychological more fragile, more needs care and comfort, however, the cow who remarry but often do not understand the social and inclusive, being cynical, to cow people whine to agony.Love Hongjie do not think so, her elderly parents treated the same as their own.She said that everyone will have one day old, so she was careful matchmaking for the elderly.One Die Mao old, is a professor at Peking University was born 30 years after her match and recommendation, Shenzhen University and a 60-year-old female teacher tied the knot, the two men entered the well-being of Twilight Love.Two senior intellectuals to applaud love Hongjie.There is also a 39-year man, is over seventy years old, is Harbin, Shenzhen son sojourn in here, through love Hongjie match, and a 48-year Ms. Liaoning born negotiate.Two people have received a marriage certificate, helped each other and live in harmony, Enenaiai spend his later years.    Older unmarried, but also many young people the most headaches.They are at a critical stage of life, and prosperity, shoulder play the leading role, is a mainstay of.In Shenzhen this hot land, their work pressure, the pressure of the big life can be imagined.They have to fight for the cause, but also to the feelings of the marriage night tangle.Hongjie love these people understand very well.She treated them as their own children, like, actively looking for suitable candidates for their.There is a man in Tieling, Liaoning has 39 years old.After go-between, and a 32-year-old tied the knot in Guangdong girl love Hongjie.    Hongjie love and service reputation, has also been concerned about the number of returnees elite.Among them, students returned from the United States a big boy, for the cause, 33 years old, still busy to run around, also a single person, he found true love Hongjie, Hongjie love for him to recommend a 84-year Hunan girls, students who come back from the new Southwest, to work for a foreign company in Shenzhen.Because there are common overseas experience, the two hit it off, first met reluctantly, eventually co-created marriage Colorful Bridge.    There are also some divorced men and women find second marriage in love Hongjie here.Among those men and women come out from the siege of marriage, their marriage more solid and more difficult to find, because they have been married once, and some have children, greater drag.One 34-year-old man, master’s degree graduate working in a bank in Shenzhen, divorced with a child, after several search and matchmaking, and finally a 27-year-old divorced woman Guangdong marriage, this woman is a college diploma.They October out a registration in love Hongjie, Hongjie a love in the register in August, a few months after they knew, married.Married, when two people love gave candy Hongjie.    Love Hongjie also bring together two highly educated men and women.A 28-year-old northeast, returned from studying in Canada, a foreign company doing research and development in Shenzhen, is a 24-year-old undergraduate, Chongqing girls, national key university, China Agricultural University computer science graduate.Two people love at first sight, like a shadow.Marriage, love Hongjie will faint or go-between success.Hongjie love this highly educated man thing to say about their membership, he said one of his college classmate of the daughter of working in Shenzhen, you can contact the next.Thus, contact with each other, eventually led to a marriage.  Some high-end people, the civil service high-income groups, is also here to find their life partner.Among them, Hunan Province, a 32-year-old civil servant, a monthly salary of around $ 10,000 in Hongjie looking for true love, find a girl working in a bank graduate of two people really are a good fit from education and work.    Hongjie sincere love for the community service.A middle-aged divorced lawyer, love Hongjie to match a woman’s wedding, special decorative floats.Two people have divorced history, a deeper understanding of life, but also more realistic.After the match love Hongjie, they soon became the talk.  In order to facilitate more happy marriage, in order to allow more people to end as soon as possible Lingding lonely single life, love Hongjie pains, often hands give some high IQ, low EQ person or people who do not fall in love teaching experience, personally guide them according to her teachings to practice in love, to the serious operation: “as a gay male, you have to take the initiative to point, how can let the girls take the initiative to contact it?!To more contact, more than phone calls, the initiative to invite the girls out of chat.”” Love to find their own, it is the best, not only for their own is a waste of time.”” Sometimes love is also one of constant pursuit, continue to call them, to be honest, to be solid, so the girls will be impressed.Love at first sight, and most of people are relying on you slowly contacted, only feeling.”” This girl’s condition more in line with your requirements.Under your consideration, if no advice to give me an answer, I have to contact you, you make an appointment to see one side.”Hongjie love in your own home, late at night half past eleven, there are customers to consult a cell phone was already 58 years old true love kept busy Hongjie.”I am doing is a good thing to help lovers family dependents.Shenzhen so much to so many people working in Shenzhen, they are so busy, so much work pressure, some due to various reasons, the reach of the opposite sex, their parents are not around, do not let them take a lifetime bachelor or when the life it nun?They also made their own contribution to the development of Shenzhen ah!There must be such a platform, vitamins help, there are many members say, with my help, I have a piece of the platform, they feel my heart at ease, you can reach a lot of the opposite sex every day, gradually close to marriage.”As a civil marriage agencies, grassroots take care of a person, love Hongjie said of their social value.    ”Hongjie love this man really enthusiastic, very good people, very easy-going, love to help people, to my marriage very carefully, often I recommend suitable candidates, often give me advice.I just gave a little money Hongjie, really sorry.”Hongjie are receiving a helping members do this to people commented Hongjie.  There is a middle-aged man commented love Hongjie: “She is in good faith to help us single life, sometimes she saw our members are able to talk between the two sides overflowing love or getting married, she was happier than us.The charging Well, I can honestly say, she charges can be said to be the lowest, there is nothing, not even a little hard costs are not really.”On the issue of fees, a member of such express his own view:” It is not what marriage agencies charge a few thousand dollars ah?!There is no guarantee the credibility and.A few years ago, I gave a very well-known online dating service payment of 2,000 yuan, only a few get contact phone number, you then do not follow.They say we do not guarantee that everyone can succeed ah.Wang was very angry, but 哑巴吃黄连, swallow.”Hongjie Shenzhen is such a happy color bridge built by architect of.