In the evening, she received a call from Su Yuan: “I ask you.”
  Huo Zhihui with rancorous voice: “I.”
  ”But I’ll call you right.”
  Huo Zhihui hoarse chuckle a cry, covered with two bloodshot eyes staring at the only single room a window, her mother went to public baths bath, and now this narrow □□ Chek her house was a man for Su Yuan silent, she do not care, with a strange tone continued: “my brilliant.According seen it, take a good look good, you see, I am not very happy ah.”
  ”Fu is poor and can be good for you, are not you holding in her hand, when the princess holding ah?”Huo Zhihui still laughing, sound mute horrendous,” Do you know who I am Yan / photo is Fu needy to find someone to shoot myself.”
  Upon hearing this, Su Yuan stunned and said: “What did you say?”
  ”So you do not know ah.”Huo Zhihui self-serving authentic:” That your way back to the crew, suffered kidnappers, yes I do, you know, Fu raw cold also know, Fu needy in order for you to take revenge, using the same means to me kidnapped and as I find someone to take those unsightly.Sheet, even with a malicious way as clip