Childhood dream

Full of excitement, excitement, sadness and guilt, I came to Camel Island, my former hometown, hoping to relive countless childhood dreams that haunted my mind..     Camel Island, located in the northwest of the Five Islands, covers less than five square kilometers and is the smallest of the Five Islands.. Seen from the front of theContinue reading Childhood dream


The city has been here for four years, so I am deeply impressed. First, its architecture, especially its Europeanization, was suddenly distinguished from other cities.. Here, I have verified what I think. If I stay in a city for a long time, I don’t really want to wander around the city..     But I especially likeContinue reading Bard

‘ Borrowing Certificates to Generate Money” Who Exposed Short?

Without training and examination, a few hundred dollars can be handed in to’ buy’ special equipment operation certificates, drive cranes, forklift trucks and operate boilers. There is no need for production equipment to meet the standards and be sanitary, as long as it costs tens of thousands of yuan and hundreds of thousands of yuan,Continue reading ‘ Borrowing Certificates to Generate Money” Who Exposed Short?


This year’s rainy season came early for that, listening to the rain outside the window kept Lili, inexplicable feelings of apprehension, think about the next three days in a row, depressed mood, such as the rain outside the window, mercilessly beat Inter in mind.In order to calm the mood, extracted from the packet lit aContinue reading Chunyu.ruthless

Beitun go to see snow

Beitun snow, it has always been colorful, fascinating and charming, colorful and known.When winter comes, like New Year’s Day bumper year thanks to visiting friends and relatives, as wave and wave, cordial, warm, natural.She sometimes anxious wind, sometimes slow water; sometimes light as a feather, sometimes as heavy as gold; sometimes make you love toContinue reading Beitun go to see snow