Breakpoints article

Part One: micro static breakpoints night, feeling perfectly understand.  The vast deep sky, under the moonlight quiet and elegant, slightly peculiar sort of sparse winter, dash poignant, leaving endless source of fascination and emotion.Occasionally stop, stare, only vaguely see the broken light scattered embellishment, the hearts will be secretly delighted, pleased that never had the experienceContinue reading Breakpoints article

Buddha and terra

Previous years, Jingyan out of a craft superb master mason.He jerk, sixty years old, but confiscated a disciple.When someone to worship him as a teacher apprenticeship, he always excuses, refused to receive.  One day, the old mason saw a young man sitting in front of six or seven dozen pig trough.His left hand drill, hammer goodContinue reading Buddha and terra

Acacia tears

Hopefully in the long Acacia eye only as a gateway to the heart of a hand beyond a height he leaves we will encounter left dependent voice sounded notes still tears night Acacia doors treasure in the land of memory is now inevitable results parting fly or walk the foot of the truth we areContinue reading Acacia tears

Full, happy

When people retire, they have more and more leisure time, and the personality of living, jumping and loving makes my life more and more rich and colorful, and happiness lingers in casual silence..     I am a busy life and naturally like to be busy. If I don’t do things all day, my bones will hurt.Continue reading Full, happy

Alibaba’s search engine optimization teacher summed up the month of twelve in 2014

Although it is winter season, the recent weather seems not as cold as winter, more still like autumn weather, sometimes very cold, but often still relatively hot. With the new historical calculation, a year really has passed.   On the 31st of December, we came to write the monthly summary of December, the Spring Festival hasContinue reading Alibaba’s search engine optimization teacher summed up the month of twelve in 2014

Color wounds

A few days ago, there was a big rooster in my family, with a grand appearance and beautiful red hair with colorful spots and bright tails.. The cockscomb on the head is red like a crown, and looks both mighty and masculine. After other roosters were gradually disposed of, this big rooster even flew inContinue reading Color wounds