Body hit the grass poison woman, his face unhappy and said: “You are not blind ah.”

  Grass poison woman of few words is disturbed, the subconscious will have to lower insanity, but this time Bi Ying happened after, and quickly helped one of her live, some angry stare a big fellow.   It relied on the sweat you are a guest, plus a drink a little more, then some 得理不饶人 clamor up:Continue reading Body hit the grass poison woman, his face unhappy and said: “You are not blind ah.”

Broken Bridge

Part One: Way back bridge Inclined rain, the walk in the West, resident at the bridge, think back to a mythical ancient legend.A small black bamboo umbrella oil, softened period of enduring love, interpreted as eternal story, has spread.White Snake, a beautiful Millennium snake demon, her husband, a gentle mortal, what is the incentive forContinue reading Broken Bridge


Part one: Who would have thought that I had the courage I will not bow to all of the difficulties, but now, I can not let a loss of courage to go have a trace of wind and rain to see the earth.What clouds the past considered?Once as a single word of the oath thatContinue reading Brave


Since ancient times, wine has a “German wine”, Wu had “Takenori,” Do not drink and playing crazy called “German wine,” not belligerent called “Takenori”.As a “German wine,” because a lot of text are not involved, so it leads to a lot of people do not know.  About “Takenori,” as long as people know martial arts.In particular,Continue reading Budo

Buddhist Temple

Pines such as bending grip, tip like a needle, needle, such as complaints, as guidelines Wisdom; if Indus hanging, Woods Ye Zaiyun Shuyun volume, to tell you repent.    Up the stairs, the monk leading the way in the front, asked you to be light footsteps.    In the gap between that slate, many crawling creatures.Mercy as.Tell you allContinue reading Buddhist Temple