In the past, many of the animals the villagers lived in a small town, every day they are very happy, very united.Except the fox and the chicken is almost incompatible, a meeting would only give up two noisy on.A fox across the river to the other side and see their grandmother, while the chicken is going across the river to see their friends, two animals met.Chick said: “I have to leave earlier, because you do not think I’m younger than you do?”The fox said:” No, you just terrific little ah.”It was so noisy I do not know how long, anyway, the last two of them are walking side by side along the walk across the river, but it was so dark it was.So they quarreled every day, month and noisy quarrel on the town – all animals are tired, have protested, chickens and foxes barely not noisy, but relatively dirty looks every time a chick to go to extragalactic edge to wash clothes just met a fox holding their children playing in the river.Chicks that Fox put their children thrown into the river, quickly swaying ran, shouted: “stinking fox, what are you doing, put down my children, or else I unkind to you ah.”I saw a fox coming chick, chick was about to put the children back to her, but this sentence to the gas halo.Chicks children to see their mother, and quickly said: “Mom, fox sister and I were talking, and I also play with.”Chicken listened very awkward.This story tells us not to look at the usual attitude, since it is often in times of trouble to reflect a person’s personality and courage!


Part One: breeze shook and the fall, he was so confused.Struggled for a few months, the courage to toss gone, people pour a little haggard.Heart is so heavy so heavy, overloaded the.If the memory can be like clear chat history, it is not would not be so tired?Is not that a waste of memory?There isContinue reading Breeze

Buffett: human life, the most important thing is to focus

Over half a century, Warren Buffett has been just right to seize the opportunity.For the legendary investor, his long-term investment made remarkable return, and even some scholars could not believe that this is just a fluke.  Buffett: human life, the most important thing is to focus Buffett himself attributed his success to focus.Schroeder wrote: In additionContinue reading Buffett: human life, the most important thing is to focus

Acacia Fu

[Editor’s note] moon Owes Me and I who bear / air regret passenger ships / spring resentment.With a series of images created for us a bleak mood, especially the sunset, herbal tea, pale flowers add to the melancholy Acacia moon bear me who I am negative on air passenger ships regret blame the previous springContinue reading Acacia Fu