Acacia rain

” ” ” Acacia storm author: easy-going Editor: text alone on the West Wing to jump on my manuscript, leaving a bunch of cry ink and wet song caught up in a moonlight tonight Acacia, bare naked.Hands clinging to slide freely pen on paper, the paper may have felt the slightest pain, but its heartContinue reading Acacia rain

Bamboo rhyme

Accompanied with bamboo, let yourself forget the mundane world, looking at a piece of bamboo, elegant charm, jade tree, the heart will increase the infinite poetic.Whether rain, such as Lan, breeze or the setting sun, the rhythm of bamboo will do now.Bamboo engaging manners in literati vivid pen Qing Ling.Tempting to see a piece ofContinue reading Bamboo rhyme

Flowers convention

Pick up a light dew, delicate and exquisite fingertips, Wen Wanru glass-like crystal。A bloom, stunning bright red seasons, gentle life of the agreement, let love in abundance faint moving in。Just want to love you forever and cordial words on late Pavilion, Tian drunk tenderness roses, any ray of dough attachment, gently, feminine touch your face,Continue reading Flowers convention