Break from

Part One: persistent forward, breaking the self-journey of life has always been ups and downs, but life is woven together by the laughter and tears, like the movie character, whether it is leading and supporting or extras, just do this points, trick play well, to the difficult challenges beyond their own, the true meaning ofContinue reading Break from

Acacia tears, Acacia far

Recalling the past, a little east.Butterflies fly, half red makeup topcoat.  There are always sad, haggard people.Wet to make fireworks, tears no see.  Days of tears, tears candle.Days tears sound, tangible Zhulei.  Thus, the month drunk, drunk the night, I have drunk.  Before I, you were me, forget the roots of the millennium.  This life, I’m yours, do the RedContinue reading Acacia tears, Acacia far

Acacia Fu

[Editor’s note] moon Owes Me and I who bear / air regret passenger ships / spring resentment.With a series of images created for us a bleak mood, especially the sunset, herbal tea, pale flowers add to the melancholy Acacia moon bear me who I am negative on air passenger ships regret blame the previous springContinue reading Acacia Fu