But even before going abroad parted, she actually took the pen, letter, piece of paper, to accompany her to England for five years.   And then brought back.   She used to have proper collection, after breaking both did not want to throw the original Xiao mind, nor should he want to return to the phrenic.   ButContinue reading what.

A little boy in his father’s winery guards oak.Every morning, he used a rag to wipe clean a barrel, then rows of neatly placed well.That he was angry: overnight, the wind took him neatly arranged blown rickety wooden barrel.The boy was crying wronged.Father stroked the boy’s head and said: “Son, do not be sad, we can find a way to conquer the wind.”So, the little boy wiped his tears, sitting next to wooden barrels think, ah think ah, like a long time, he finally came up with a way, he went to the well to pick buckets of water, they pour empty oak barrels, then he would go home and sleep uneasy.The next day at dawn, the little boy hurriedly got up, he went to the place to put the barrel of a look, a barrels a discharge those neatly, not a wind down, nor a blown askew.The little boy smiled happily, he said to his father: “To cask not be blown down, we must increase the cask own weight.”The boy’s father smiled approvingly.Sentiment: We can not control a lot of things of this world, but we can change ourselves, change our own ability and thinking.Self-development, which is the only way a person will not be knocked down.


Displaced foreign land, inconstancy.    Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, did not write the book so successful last month, also did not return home were eating a moon cake.Just as a number of ‘same world people, “the fox friends drink a point of idle wine, listen to the way people talk about Arabian Nights.    Leaning against the window,Continue reading bright

Bonsai Fu

Bonsai bonsai Maoxing Kai Fu who, by definition, to see the great small, home landscape in the basin, concentrated natural world charm.Three-dimensional picture to show silent, recite poetry of speech.Xia and Shang beginning of the Tang and Song molding, evolution millennium, heritage Wanzai.Boutique numerous genres, learn learn, reform and innovation. Bonsai way, blending in rhymeContinue reading Bonsai Fu

Acacia tears

Hopefully in the long Acacia eye only as a gateway to the heart of a hand beyond a height he leaves we will encounter left dependent voice sounded notes still tears night Acacia doors treasure in the land of memory is now inevitable results parting fly or walk the foot of the truth we areContinue reading Acacia tears