Buddha and lion

In the evening, goalkeeper Jiang bought a beef sauce, remember the last time the Lions woke up early, it was certainly adulterated anesthetic, anesthetic bottle to see if there mostly, simply put it all on beef.  Wait until the middle of the night, goalkeeper Jiang has gone deserted look around, they quietly went to the cornerContinue reading Buddha and lion

Acacia seeds

I do not know which day you start from the understanding that the seeds of Acacia species unintentionally deep in my heart to take root in my heart from me obsessed with the torment of unrequited love in you will love deep in my heart this wonderful lonely because you I’m happy to be happyContinue reading Acacia seeds

Acacia leaves

Acacia winds swept the leaves, branches and leaves have been falling, emotions play like spring grass.Leaves from germination to think of this life litter, if there is no help ABA, how can it grow.I grew up like this you can not do without, like the leaves can not be separated ABA.Once the scenes in myContinue reading Acacia leaves

Fondle admiringly

Xigou is my home, with big and burly mountains on both sides, leaving only thin yellow highland barley grass and firewood due to the villagers’ continuous felling and climbing in the mountains.. The angle between the two mountains, a stream flowing for many years, seems to wash feet for the two tired mountains.     I can’tContinue reading Fondle admiringly

Drunk US autumn

It was described by autumn, like a messenger came to earth quietly.Instant thousands of plants begin to wither, gone Yuhi shallots.When ripe fruit falling from the canopy unattainable, adding to the joy of harvest Jin Qiuping.Autumn winds, red and yellow leaves falling eloquent, as if lightly girl dancing light, just like the twilight of anContinue reading Drunk US autumn

Do not send me

Do not send me the students, so the last time you called, because time is about to become the title of Ladies or Gentlemen.It is midnight, tomorrow or yesterday.The last time I lay spread, leaning against the bed.Yo fans still shaking his head, whistling no use, air is still hot, the mood is also moreContinue reading Do not send me

According to the dawn companion moon near the Syrian language Cangsang

Opened the book and looked at human tragicomedy, enjoy the happiness of parents and childhood.At dawn, I felt a smile gently move the corner, pulling clothes at school told.Inscription fell on the mother bedside, watching her sleeping kind face, light hand fiddled with her ear gray hair.Transfer from the window and let the wind awayContinue reading According to the dawn companion moon near the Syrian language Cangsang