Mo always had is to help solve the immediate crisis only, to avoid her back billions of breach of contract.”

  ”But you are not desperate, you are not also know what a computer repair, computer repair come to go get that, ha ha ha.”   Leaves no white ignores this brain damage, heart of Mo Yu said..   ”Wait a few hours, my friend told me to hurry up now.”   Mo Yu heart although some worry, butContinue reading Mo always had is to help solve the immediate crisis only, to avoid her back billions of breach of contract.”


Part One: bridges woman is such a book.  Far blessing to his family was poor, nearly thirty man nor a woman phases it.Woman is a magnet, he is a piece of soft iron, for a woman, melancholy thrown him every day, every night over and over again iron-like bones, such as Luzhou grind wheat.Yes, many years,Continue reading Bridges

brave Heart

Part One: Braveheart thoughts back to the ancient and beautiful Scotland.  White clouds, blue sky, grassland, cattle and sheep.Lopsided.Melen beautiful, pristine cheek ambiguous in the mixing of the night; Wallace heroic and tried to fight on the bloody battlefield; Isabella was languishing eyes on the distant castle to the hearts of the pious hero watch.That time,Continue reading brave Heart

Buddha and lion

In the evening, goalkeeper Jiang bought a beef sauce, remember the last time the Lions woke up early, it was certainly adulterated anesthetic, anesthetic bottle to see if there mostly, simply put it all on beef.  Wait until the middle of the night, goalkeeper Jiang has gone deserted look around, they quietly went to the cornerContinue reading Buddha and lion

Acacia seeds

I do not know which day you start from the understanding that the seeds of Acacia species unintentionally deep in my heart to take root in my heart from me obsessed with the torment of unrequited love in you will love deep in my heart this wonderful lonely because you I’m happy to be happyContinue reading Acacia seeds

Acacia leaves

Acacia winds swept the leaves, branches and leaves have been falling, emotions play like spring grass.Leaves from germination to think of this life litter, if there is no help ABA, how can it grow.I grew up like this you can not do without, like the leaves can not be separated ABA.Once the scenes in myContinue reading Acacia leaves