Bridges people

Part One: bridges people of my hometown is a small village at the edge of Yuanjiang.Surrounded by mountains, in the middle of a strip of flat land.From west to east the intersection of two streams in the village, so the village has several convenient village life stone arch bridge across the creek labor.Stone arch bridgeContinue reading Bridges people

Acacia trees

[REVIEW] Indeed, there is also a very dark place, of course, ultimately, snake-infested, the more hot weather snake out more easily, climb mountain spring water here, it said that this is a common thing, how many times was discovered confirmed the.    Yamane west beneath the acacia trees and small partners that I often go to placesContinue reading Acacia trees

Acacia tears

Hopefully in the long Acacia eye only as a gateway to the heart of a hand beyond a height he leaves we will encounter left dependent voice sounded notes still tears night Acacia doors treasure in the land of memory is now inevitable results parting fly or walk the foot of the truth we areContinue reading Acacia tears

Fall wounds

It takes a great deal of courage to write down this sad season.   Outside the window, autumn has already disseminated mountains and mountains into a red-yellow landscape. Day, no cloud, empty heartache. The red maple leaves reluctantly leave the branches at the request of the wind and are planted on the ground in a whirl..  Continue reading Fall wounds