Dust years

misty rain and misty rain. Outside the window are banana forests and litchi forests that can’t be seen at a glance. The green belts near the roadside are all kinds of unknown flowers and plants, red, yellow and pink, all the more charming in the rain..     Bauhinia flower is the only flower I know. It’sContinue reading Dust years

Being able to bear hardships is a good tutor

Family education is not entirely knowledge education. It is the best family education to cultivate children who can bear hardships..   Anjinpeng, an extremely poor farmer’s son in Wuqing County, Tianjin, had his father suffering from cancer and his grandparents were also seriously ill. His emaciated mother supported the inclined family.. Jin Peng is the onlyContinue reading Being able to bear hardships is a good tutor


This life, I came to find you, no regrets, as you keep a lifetime obsession, in the distance, silently watch。    Inscription——    Finally meet with you, if I recorded a few memories of the world, this world is destined to come look for you。In the distance, I look different places, whether you wait until the flower of lifeContinue reading distance