Repeated failure on some things, not necessarily a matter of luck.

Repeatedly encountered male slag or, to be controlled exploitation or, repeatedly rebuffed in the workplace or, not got a tips can improve the situation of. He repeatedly put on to lead astray, there is a conscious or unconscious mind. Old man opened his hand design books, watching him from the past to the present workContinue reading Repeated failure on some things, not necessarily a matter of luck.

Brilliant fireworks night

Darling Harbor, Sydney, is a really great venues with fireworks.That circular quay encircling the entire harbor, Shidao many locations, you can pitch a dazzling fireworks.Over the years, I’ve tried a variety of different ways, under different circumstances, at Darling Harbor to watch fireworks, really have their own interest, their own feelings.    Once in Darling Harbor hotel’sContinue reading Brilliant fireworks night


Superstition child’s mother to us like the old ghost story, so I’m always afraid of the child walked in the grave, their own heart can hear a “pop” sound jump, afraid to look in particular new burial mounds piled wreaths.It seemed that after death became another kind of invisible wandering life, a child I wouldContinue reading Bricks

Bud originating

REVIEW grass fire, if not many people care, burning to the edge of the land, but also to burn woodland next to the meadow.Tree leaves, hay, will be turned into a black and gray.Sometimes, flames would lick one high hazel leaves, lighted hazel will ignite more than 10 meters of oak tree.      Lan: There have notContinue reading Bud originating

Acacia rain

The night was silent, the moon and stars fall asleep lean on a railing afar, shadow dim ray of endless thoughts Qingsi across the night sky, falling heart holding a bunch of dim moonlight turned into a lightning illuminate the thoughts of the long skylight you to get rid of the night by a rayContinue reading Acacia rain