Acacia picturesque (outside a)

Acacia picturesque amethyst Hanning water sounds longevity interview Hermit is the world seen through the soft layers of water ice skates carved into many false refraction evil picturesque Acacia poetic love poem to commemorate the youth ring-like tenderness freeze Painting crystal PASSING solidification crystallization silent years time fleeting silence juniors petrochemical dust sand old ladyContinue reading Acacia picturesque (outside a)

Active elves

Life, let me put down my posture and feel the spirits active in the sun. When we are confused and follow others shouting’ Times are advancing’, who can really put down his attitude and ambition, and when he gets up in the morning, go to the place where you live to see the growth ofContinue reading Active elves

Dead of night, water

REVIEW terraced rice paddies fragrance, a cappella birds, butterflies Manwu, clear voice.That spring we bid farewell to the soul fortress stick gently back pack and began to chase the dream farther, so a rainy day each.  When submerged Xuanrao quiet when the lights are dispersed dark dawn, when the wind outside the window again ruffled hair,Continue reading Dead of night, water