Bright cherry

Amidst the cherry drunk half the city, but also to the world in April colorful season, time spent in the drizzling rain, day in outdated hold an umbrella in the rain Road, Fallen flowers in one place, like dripping blood and tears from the same cherry branches , on wet land to spread a thinContinue reading Bright cherry

Bridge Articles

Part One: sunset bridge sunset is magnificent, but near dusk.Jiang Yu Zheng Chou night, the mountains smell partridge.If this sunset always remind people of the meaning sigh of injury, even if there is an infinite good views, but also no match Shaohua difficult long plaintive.Birds are facing the sky, thinking life ebb and flow, whineContinue reading Bridge Articles

Acacia picturesque (outside a)

Acacia picturesque amethyst Hanning water sounds longevity interview Hermit is the world seen through the soft layers of water ice skates carved into many false refraction evil picturesque Acacia poetic love poem to commemorate the youth ring-like tenderness freeze Painting crystal PASSING solidification crystallization silent years time fleeting silence juniors petrochemical dust sand old ladyContinue reading Acacia picturesque (outside a)