Brother’s Pass

Core Tip: Life is nothing more than life, career and family. It is like a deck of playing cards that go round and round in the process of passing through customs.. Brother Wen Hong passed the career pass with his outstanding achievements and the family pass with his kindness. Although he couldn’t pass the lifeContinue reading Brother’s Pass

I miss my mother

When I was a child, I sang children’s songs and attended a pair of hardworking hand regulations. I also learned to do many things, such as planting sunflower seeds, picking wheat ears and pulling weeds. I was determined to be a labor-loving person and still kept the habit of being industrious.. This habit is saidContinue reading I miss my mother

Being able to bear hardships is a good tutor

Family education is not entirely knowledge education. It is the best family education to cultivate children who can bear hardships..   Anjinpeng, an extremely poor farmer’s son in Wuqing County, Tianjin, had his father suffering from cancer and his grandparents were also seriously ill. His emaciated mother supported the inclined family.. Jin Peng is the onlyContinue reading Being able to bear hardships is a good tutor

Active elves

Life, let me put down my posture and feel the spirits active in the sun. When we are confused and follow others shouting’ Times are advancing’, who can really put down his attitude and ambition, and when he gets up in the morning, go to the place where you live to see the growth ofContinue reading Active elves

‘ Borrowing Certificates to Generate Money” Who Exposed Short?

Without training and examination, a few hundred dollars can be handed in to’ buy’ special equipment operation certificates, drive cranes, forklift trucks and operate boilers. There is no need for production equipment to meet the standards and be sanitary, as long as it costs tens of thousands of yuan and hundreds of thousands of yuan,Continue reading ‘ Borrowing Certificates to Generate Money” Who Exposed Short?