Acacia seeds

I do not know which day you start from the understanding that the seeds of Acacia species unintentionally deep in my heart to take root in my heart from me obsessed with the torment of unrequited love in you will love deep in my heart this wonderful lonely because you I’m happy to be happyContinue reading Acacia seeds

Acacia River

Acacia River journey carrying a ticket, wandering thousands of miles through the heart; people on the outside, but at the end of life care; mother warned him in the depths, but the tears flow in the vicinity; a thousand words have been rivers turned into long-haul, luggage is a symbol of the soul, is missingContinue reading Acacia River

Acacia rain

The night was silent, the moon and stars fall asleep lean on a railing afar, shadow dim ray of endless thoughts Qingsi across the night sky, falling heart holding a bunch of dim moonlight turned into a lightning illuminate the thoughts of the long skylight you to get rid of the night by a rayContinue reading Acacia rain

Acacia rain

” ” ” Acacia storm author: easy-going Editor: text alone on the West Wing to jump on my manuscript, leaving a bunch of cry ink and wet song caught up in a moonlight tonight Acacia, bare naked.Hands clinging to slide freely pen on paper, the paper may have felt the slightest pain, but its heartContinue reading Acacia rain

Acacia picturesque (outside a)

Acacia picturesque amethyst Hanning water sounds longevity interview Hermit is the world seen through the soft layers of water ice skates carved into many false refraction evil picturesque Acacia poetic love poem to commemorate the youth ring-like tenderness freeze Painting crystal PASSING solidification crystallization silent years time fleeting silence juniors petrochemical dust sand old ladyContinue reading Acacia picturesque (outside a)

Acacia one

Favorite moment you Dimei smile sweet words dripping into the lake light pine reflected into the girl looks like me dressed in white dancing alone on any Yimei Castle in the depths of the bamboo forest spread poem engraved in the memory of the years I had to leave a bookmark in the afternoon lavenderContinue reading Acacia one