Superstition child’s mother to us like the old ghost story, so I’m always afraid of the child walked in the grave, their own heart can hear a “pop” sound jump, afraid to look in particular new burial mounds piled wreaths.It seemed that after death became another kind of invisible wandering life, a child I wouldContinue reading Bricks


Part One: breeze shook and the fall, he was so confused.Struggled for a few months, the courage to toss gone, people pour a little haggard.Heart is so heavy so heavy, overloaded the.If the memory can be like clear chat history, it is not would not be so tired?Is not that a waste of memory?There isContinue reading Breeze

Breakpoints article

Part One: micro static breakpoints night, feeling perfectly understand.  The vast deep sky, under the moonlight quiet and elegant, slightly peculiar sort of sparse winter, dash poignant, leaving endless source of fascination and emotion.Occasionally stop, stare, only vaguely see the broken light scattered embellishment, the hearts will be secretly delighted, pleased that never had the experienceContinue reading Breakpoints article

Break from

Part One: persistent forward, breaking the self-journey of life has always been ups and downs, but life is woven together by the laughter and tears, like the movie character, whether it is leading and supporting or extras, just do this points, trick play well, to the difficult challenges beyond their own, the true meaning ofContinue reading Break from


Time preceding the countryside, rural way back to a friend’s family home, in their family home kang, I saw a long lost brazier.The brazier is still my childhood memories of home-made earthen pot, worn shiny black appearance, which installed a pot full of charcoal.Although the outside cold and windy, snow or can be as warmContinue reading Brazier

brave Heart

Part One: Braveheart thoughts back to the ancient and beautiful Scotland.  White clouds, blue sky, grassland, cattle and sheep.Lopsided.Melen beautiful, pristine cheek ambiguous in the mixing of the night; Wallace heroic and tried to fight on the bloody battlefield; Isabella was languishing eyes on the distant castle to the hearts of the pious hero watch.That time,Continue reading brave Heart


Part one: Who would have thought that I had the courage I will not bow to all of the difficulties, but now, I can not let a loss of courage to go have a trace of wind and rain to see the earth.What clouds the past considered?Once as a single word of the oath thatContinue reading Brave


People who love books, went out to visit a bookstore hope.Tai’an past to go to the bookstore to find its correspondence often get to buy a few books they like, first, to satisfy their own desires, and second, not white to visit, leave something to commemorate point, it is with this kind of heart, OverContinue reading Book

Bonsai Fu

Bonsai bonsai Maoxing Kai Fu who, by definition, to see the great small, home landscape in the basin, concentrated natural world charm.Three-dimensional picture to show silent, recite poetry of speech.Xia and Shang beginning of the Tang and Song molding, evolution millennium, heritage Wanzai.Boutique numerous genres, learn learn, reform and innovation. Bonsai way, blending in rhymeContinue reading Bonsai Fu