Displaced foreign land, inconstancy.    Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, did not write the book so successful last month, also did not return home were eating a moon cake.Just as a number of ‘same world people, “the fox friends drink a point of idle wine, listen to the way people talk about Arabian Nights.    Leaning against the window,Continue reading bright

Bright sunflower

Of all the flowers, I can really pay homage, than the ordinary sunflowers.When a lot of bright flowers disappear in my memory, only simple sunflower is still on my spiritual wilderness bloom.I know this is not only the power of memory, but also the enduring charm of sunflower largely infected me.    On the northern Great PlainsContinue reading Bright sunflower

Bright cherry

Amidst the cherry drunk half the city, but also to the world in April colorful season, time spent in the drizzling rain, day in outdated hold an umbrella in the rain Road, Fallen flowers in one place, like dripping blood and tears from the same cherry branches , on wet land to spread a thinContinue reading Bright cherry


Part One: bridges woman is such a book.  Far blessing to his family was poor, nearly thirty man nor a woman phases it.Woman is a magnet, he is a piece of soft iron, for a woman, melancholy thrown him every day, every night over and over again iron-like bones, such as Luzhou grind wheat.Yes, many years,Continue reading Bridges

Bridges people

Part One: bridges people of my hometown is a small village at the edge of Yuanjiang.Surrounded by mountains, in the middle of a strip of flat land.From west to east the intersection of two streams in the village, so the village has several convenient village life stone arch bridge across the creek labor.Stone arch bridgeContinue reading Bridges people


[REVIEW]: This bridge was take some years, the deck (board) has been trampled everyone was very smooth.Also reveals a faint glimmer of light, swarthy.Summer barefoot walk on, immediately burst of cool Qinru Heart, extremely happy.    Like most of the southern town, as the town built by the water.Economic and cultural center located in the river north,Continue reading bridge

Bridge Articles

Part One: sunset bridge sunset is magnificent, but near dusk.Jiang Yu Zheng Chou night, the mountains smell partridge.If this sunset always remind people of the meaning sigh of injury, even if there is an infinite good views, but also no match Shaohua difficult long plaintive.Birds are facing the sky, thinking life ebb and flow, whineContinue reading Bridge Articles


Superstition child’s mother to us like the old ghost story, so I’m always afraid of the child walked in the grave, their own heart can hear a “pop” sound jump, afraid to look in particular new burial mounds piled wreaths.It seemed that after death became another kind of invisible wandering life, a child I wouldContinue reading Bricks


Part One: breeze shook and the fall, he was so confused.Struggled for a few months, the courage to toss gone, people pour a little haggard.Heart is so heavy so heavy, overloaded the.If the memory can be like clear chat history, it is not would not be so tired?Is not that a waste of memory?There isContinue reading Breeze