Friends pay special attention to the daily diet, a little inattentive days will be in vain efforts to pay, so today I will introduce night network is very useful for weight loss gens Diet Myths。  Unsuitable eat breakfast, "" mostly grains and fruits and foods containing too many carbohydrates, resulting in elevated blood sugar, causing insulin secretion rate, will quickly break down glucose, the blood sugar into fat。
  Vegetarian does not eat meat more evenly than a vegan does not eat any food of animal origin, it is often a lack of protein, vitamin B12, zinc, calcium and iron。
  All cooking oils contain some fat contains more fat hundred percent。They vitamins and fatty acids content é how to distinguish between。For the uptake of fatty acids needed by the body, nutritionists recommend constantly changing varieties of edible oil (olive oil, canola oil and mixed oil) drink sugar-free drinks which artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, will increase insulin the body, resulting in the accumulation of fat。
  Reduce the intake of protein a lot of people at the time, only eat fruits and vegetables, leading to the body malnutrition, lack of protein, lack of muscle main nutrients – amino acids, which can not normally consume calories。
  Over-reliance on diet, excessive food intake when you reduce the intake of calories can not support the consumption of the body, the body in order to save energy to supply basic operations, will reduce the basal metabolic rate, so the chance of weight gain even higher than the normal diet。  Wanted, net night we recommend a scientific diet, eat together to share the following twelve, fifteen minutes hyperactivity large activities eat less, resistance will decrease; eat more and less activity, will gradually fat, will greatly increase the risk of chronic diseases。  Seven hundred eighty-two grain, oil consumption is now less two percent of pork fat and excessive increase, greatly increasing the risk for diabetes, abnormal blood lipids and obesity risk。
We should adhere to the main source of food energy in cereals mine and appropriate use less oil, to maintain a reasonable diet。
  Eighty-two good vegetables, eat more vegetables with beans priority to maintaining cardiovascular health, enhance disease resistance and prevention of certain cancers, etc., play an important role。Eat more beans, can increase protein intake to prevent excessive consumption of meat adverse effects。