Core Tip: Life is nothing more than life, career and family. It is like a deck of playing cards that go round and round in the process of passing through customs.. Brother Wen Hong passed the career pass with his outstanding achievements and the family pass with his kindness. Although he couldn’t pass the life test due to illness, the eldest brother’s perseverance and dedicated help from relatives and friends are enough to move heaven and earth. eldest brother, rest in peace!   On the night of September 19 last year, Brother Wen Hong was still using the worn-out old poker and looked as if nothing had happened.. The younger brother called. The elder brother’s gastric ulcer was transferred from the Central Hospital to the People’s Hospital. Early detection of advanced pancreatic cancer was carried out. Because I don’t know the truth, the elder brother is very stubborn and refuses to go out to see a doctor. But the family has decided at all costs whether to go to Yancheng, Shanghai or Beijing? Everyone conspires and cannot let elderly parents, eldest sister-in-law and others know what to do?   The eldest brother has always been diligent and thrifty. Although his family has an industry, he is not particular about food, clothing, housing and transportation.. As a local official, the eldest sister-in-law bought him a suit of about 2,000 yuan. To tell the truth, it was more than 500 yuan. He was too expensive to persuade her to quit. Eating at home is always simple and not wasteful. In order to take care of work and industry, the suite in the happy neighborhood does not live in the attic of the billiard stadium. In order to insulate the roof, it is covered with more than a foot of mud, and some good vegetables are planted. Walking is the main way to work.. Get up at about five o’clock every day and decorate leftover bits and pieces, cloth strips, etc. used to cook food by cooking stove and boiling water … oh, at night, I always like to pass the old card and joke that it is good to pass the old card.   Big nephew said: juwan and I will accompany dad to check the heart, big niece said: we will also accompany dad to check with brother – in – law, brother-in-law said: I also want to check the intestines and stomach, and the two families have the right to travel together as a trip to Shanghai, saying that eldest brother only promised to go overnight.. Little imagine, this is the real act of using quick wits and fakes. The medical treatment for this disease may only prolong the life of a few months, but it will cost millions of dollars. The family has increased huge debts, and the relatives have not hesitated to prepare the most funds and contacts that can be used.. Parents firmly believe that love is boundless and heart can win the sky! As long as there is a hope for life, one hundred times efforts will be made!   About half an hour later, the two cars sped to the world-famous Shanghai Changhai Hospital, the national authoritative hospital for pancreatic cancer treatment.. It is difficult to have a bed without a half-month appointment, and finally, through contacts, he was admitted to the hospital the next day for specialist treatment..   Some people say that life is nothing more than three levels of life, career and family, like a deck of playing cards that go round and round in the process of passing through customs.. The eldest brother passed the career pass with his outstanding achievements and the family pass with his kindness. He must have passed the life pass with his perseverance and perseverance.! The patient’s life is closely related to heredity, constitution, medical skill and will to survive!   Parents fantasize about miracles and believe that they can pass the genetic barrier. Most of the ancestors lived a long life, while grandparents lived a long life of nearly 100 years. My mother suffered from breast cancer, flamethrower cancer and stomach cancer three times and a car accident. She is still healthy in her eighties. Although she eats very little porridge and more than 20 pieces of white rabbit milk candy every day, she is in good spirits and can play a small card for two or three hours. This is a miracle.! The miracle of the 58 – year – old brother will certainly happen!   Parents fantasize about miracles and believe that they can pass the physical barrier. The eldest brother grew up strong as a cow, and was very good at sports when he was in high school in Xinfeng. He was a top three in fighting with barbarians when he jumped in line as a basic militia. He worked high above the air in the fertilizer plant and cracked down on thieves for many times. He had no other diseases except stomach pains and serious problems. Such a great physical miracle should happen..   Parents fantasize about miracles and believe that they can pass the medical examination. The expert group is engaged in the latest medical research in the country. Although the eldest brother was not spared from the disease even by Steve Jobs, the world’s apple president, after all, the eldest brother is young and strong and the expert group is making breakthroughs in tackling the problem.. As a matter of fact, the eldest brother has the best curative effect among several patients receiving treatment under the project, and it is a miracle that his hair remains dark after repeated chemotherapy.! Despite the dangers of science, hard work will surely pass!   Parents fantasize about miracles and believe that they can survive. The strength of love is boundless. The love between eldest brother and sister-in-law and niece, the meticulous care of sister-in-law and the optimistic expression made by each other challenge the disease. But the elder brother of the dying seems to have no idea what his illness is. Perhaps he is wise and foolish and keeps a good mood and doesn’t want to talk about it.. Visiting many times, he always spent his life in confidence and pain. His superhuman will to survive and optimism are extraordinary. In order to reduce the harm of narcotic drugs to the body, he did his best to endure pain without using or reducing the dosage. Although I have no appetite, I insist on eating some boring nutritious juice according to the doctor’s advice. When you have energy, you pass the card and never cry in front of anyone or say a word of frustration.. Still holding some Taijiquan, walking with my sister-in-law and running to the people’s hospital for transfusion. People are seeing a doctor, but they are still looking forward to doing something for relatives, friends and units, that is, more than a month ago, they will still do the work of the unit, care about the old man’s body, the marriage of nephews and nieces and the career of their daughters and younger generations, and insist on attending simple dad’s eightieth birthday feast and the appreciation banquet of the new word hotel … Ah Qiang didn’t leave in peace until the fourth day of his nephew’s marriage.. At about 23: 00 on May 18 … Ah, we came to visit the eldest brother in emergency care from other places. He was thin and only had skin and bones. He was still in pain after taking morphine. He sweated and coughed up a lot of blood clots.. But when he saw us, he said off and on,’ You rest, you have to work tomorrow, turn off my mobile phone and use it tomorrow.’,’ I don’t matter, wait till you get to the happy neighborhood and eat fish soup noodles.”.   At 1: 28 a.m. on May 19, the relatives couldn’t believe that the eldest brother passed one level of life after another, but no one passed the last level of life.! He failed to leave a will, and I stopped breathing forever without seeing his last face.! There is nothing more sad than the death of the heart, but the elder brother’s heart is not dead, the elder brother’s heart can win the sky, and the elder brother lives in our hearts!   The news came that hundreds of people spontaneously bid farewell to their eldest brother in all directions. In addition to relevant leaders, relatives and friends, classmates and colleagues, there are also a number of Mr. Liu’s team and partners in the investment enterprise. It was the eldest brother who helped him to read the book that saddened him when he was at the same table. Flying from overseas and kneeling in the nursing home is the eldest brother who saved the life of the chemical fiber factory. Some friends and children came to mourn on the wedding night, while some classmates Yuan Laoxiong insisted on getting his wife to help him, and Mr. Wu, who was more generous, prepared many vehicles for his eldest brother to see him off . Ah, everybody, ocean deep, it’s hard to say!   Pro – people hate injustice in heaven, eldest brother died young and left 58. It’s time to have a successful career and return to the second line and enjoy a comfortable life … Ah. Heaven, how incompetent you are, why don’t you give your eldest brother a hand and let him live to 68, 78 …; Heaven, how cruel you are. You have lost your sister-in-law a good husband! Let the daughter lose a loving and kind father! Let parents suffer from the pain of sending black hair by white-haired people and losing a good son of benevolence and filial piety! Let the younger siblings lose a good brother who is a model everywhere!   Eldest brother died, Chen door unfortunately! But everyone missed him one after another, which was also a blessing in misfortune!The eldest brother ended his eight-month ordeal, and the eldest niece turned grief into strength and career for by going up one flight of stairs. Parents also remind us that our health is the capital of our career and family. ‘ Work conscientiously, live frugally and simply, be sincere and kind – hearted, talk funny and humorous, handle affairs aboveboard, and be smart and decisive” This is a high opinion from colleagues on the eldest brother. My brother’s colleague and friend Mr. Zhou Yafeng wrote in a post after an article mourning his brother: Wen Hong leads politics, takes honesty as the foundation, and takes public as the first priority. He had worked in the city supply and marketing cooperatives for several years, was in charge of duty and was responsible for handling daily affairs. He dared to make decisions and never dragged the mud with the water. He has the courage to bear the blame and never seeks to blame others for his work. He has promised his daughter and never been tricked by others. His superb leadership skills, extraordinary coordination ability and unique talent are rare and well-known in officialdom. He is wise, open – minded, weightlifting and reasonable, and he will give his full support. Who wants to be fooled, opportunistic, no way. He used to say: Tell me your purpose and reason honestly, and I fully support it if it makes sense.. If I say falsehood, I can understand it and investigate it. Not only do I not do it, but I also do not allow others to do it.. Therefore, many thorny issues came to him and were quickly solved.. Director Wen Hong is approachable and attaches great importance to love and righteousness. No matter the office colleagues or the cadres and workers of subordinate units, he always listens patiently when he receives them, making people like spring breeze. He was a talented person in industrial economy in Dafeng City, and soon he was put to another important role in the organization.. But every time he meets his former colleagues and subordinates, he seems to meet good friends, talk with them warmly and give guidance and help sincerely..   There are the most sincere comments above, including the eulogy of director Zhu Hongbin of the Committee, the prose published by colleagues in Dafeng Daily, etc. to participate in the misty and misty bill, and the poem written by relatives and friends to miss the eldest brother … Ah, eldest brother rest in peace!   Cry wan Wen hong and his youth, how can they not enjoy their old age without returning to their prime of life??!   Praise life, wisdom, open – mindedness, generosity and benevolence, shed the world’s love, sigh for life, diligence, dedication, dedication and selflessness, and leave it to yourself as a cloud of smoke.!   Parents also engraved on the eldest brother’s tombstone: diligence, diligence, dedication, integrity, respect for the elderly, respect for the young and innocent, everything, a model of family unity, harmony, warmth, inheritance, filial piety, care and care for relatives, and they also placed two brand-new playing cards in the eldest brother’s graveyard, hoping that the eldest brother can play cards and pass through customs happily in heaven.. Brother Wen Hong, you go well. You will pass the Pass and Pass happily in the next life, and you will bless all your relatives and friends with happiness and well – being.!!   Author Chen Wenbin explained on Yancheng mobile phone number 15365768929 that he participated in the regulations of Dafeng Daily 2012 – 5 – 25, author and Zhu Guoping of Dafeng Jingxin Committee participated in the study of ethnic culture. He had a set of regulations of Dafeng Daily 2012 – 1 – 31, in which Chen Hancheng was the father of Chen Wenhong.