Like a person, a thing or a matter, there is no need for a complete reason or clear reason to follow, as if previous life had touched with it, but it is still unfinished and the fate has not yet been settled. It is doomed to be like the same in this life and continue to be intoxicated in this front which shakes like a distant world.. & shy; & shy; When I began to contact the word, I was deeply attracted by the name of Yumeiren Regulations, as if I had predestined friends with her. I was so glad in my heart.. The name is so beautiful that if there is a beautiful girl standing alone and beautiful, how can you not let people have countless reveries?? & shy; & shy; Yumeiren and poppy belong to the same family. The flower stem is curved when the flowers are not open, and round egg-shaped buds are on the top of the stem. When the flowers bloom, the petals are like brocade, thick and smooth, just like butterflies dancing and curving delicate flowers. At this time, they have also straightened up to hold up the flowers.. It’s hard to imagine how such a delicate Yumeiren grass could have blossomed into a rich and gorgeous flower, like a mysterious and weird poppy.. & shy; & shy; Always be able to see streaks of blood and tears in clusters of flowers and reverie of beauty, which is the tears of Yuji’s blood and tears.! Concubine Yu, Xiang Yu’s favorite, has a beautiful color and is good at sword dance. Concubine Yu admires Xiang Yu’s bravery, marries Xiang Yu as a concubine, and often goes out with Xiang Yu. In the battle of Chu and Han, Xiang Yu was trapped under the stress of Chu, his soldiers were isolated from food, and he heard Chu songs all around at night, thinking that Chu land was lost. He sang solemn and stirring songs to Yu Ji in the draft of the stress song regulations, and Yu Ji danced for Chu overlord, singing with tears: ” Han soldiers have already slightly touched the ground, and the sound of Chu songs all over the world.”. The king’s righteousness and spirit are exhausted. How can you be a concubine?. ‘ Song, draw out your sword and commit suicide, overlord mournful songs, soldiers weeping, brilliant past and present. This kind of love and mutual reward is hard to see in the world. I don’t judge heroes by success or failure. In my opinion, overlord is still proud of his defeat.! & shy; & shy; The first to see the Yumeiren Bill is also the most representative of the South Tang Li Yu’s: & shy; & shy; When is the spring flower and autumn moon, how much do you know about the past. The small building was again easterly last night, so the country was unable to look back on the mid – moon and bright.. & shy; Carved fence jade build by laying bricks or stones should still be in, just Zhu Yan change. Ask you how much sorrow you can have, just like a river flowing eastward in spring. & shy; & shy; & shy; Sorrow, euphemism, loneliness, melancholy. Yu as the country’s leader, prosperous to the extreme; However, after the country’s subjugation, the prosperity of the country has subsided and the sorrow has reached its extreme. This sorrow is both wide and long. Ask people and ask themselves whether this sorrow will last forever.! It is this special experience that has made a wonderful good word that has been passed down through the ages. It is a dazzling beauty in the field of Ci and has a high appreciation value.. & shy; & shy; I like to participate in the Yumeiren Regulations with Qin Guan’s & shy; Green peach is planted in the sky and dew is not the number of flowers. It’s a pity that the water in the depths of the mountain is wandering around, but who is drawing a picture for?? & shy; What’s the limit of light cold drizzle? It’s hard to manage without spring. What if I get drunk for you? I’m afraid I’ll break my heart when I wake up from drinking. & shy; & shy; There are also Jiang Jie’s participation in listening to the rain & shyness; Shyness; Listening to the rain on the sing and dance floor in youth age,. Red candle faint Luo Zhang. In prime of life, the rain was heard in the boat. Jiang kuoyun is low and the wild goose is called westerly wind. & shy; Now the rain monk Lu. The temples have stars. The joys and sorrows are always merciless. Before the first order, drop by drop until dawn. & shy; & shy; Read their words and enter their inner world. You will feel that it is a rich, sad, solemn and stirring, massive and long world.. & shy; & shy; There are too many Yumeiren’s words to be counted and chewed slowly here. & shy; & shy; Always, in this low-pitched and shallow singing, you can see the beautiful flowers of Yumeiren, full of charm and enchanting, like Yuji who is a sword dancer, which is so beautiful that it makes people heartache.! & shy;