Since ancient times, wine has a “German wine”, Wu had “Takenori,” Do not drink and playing crazy called “German wine,” not belligerent called “Takenori”.As a “German wine,” because a lot of text are not involved, so it leads to a lot of people do not know.  About “Takenori,” as long as people know martial arts.In particular, some “door upright,” the master, they attach great importance, “Takenori” So before Shoutu often need a lot of tests, and finally dare to be included under the door.  ”Martial Arts” on “conditions” it has always been for strong physical body, for what “uphold justice”, it would have to rely on everyone’s “conscience.”.Perhaps, some people learn martial arts aim only to “a menace” and more to do some selfish thing.  Although previous school Wudang master has many requirements, however, for one of the “rebellion” vassal who also “feature”, so in the end, “rules” difficult passable.  As opposed to “physical” it is, as a “martial arts”, itself has all the “strength” of.But the difference is that there are still some “change mind” behavior.  As a martial arts “practitioners”, not only to achieve the “boxing leave their hands” and to continue to study every detail.For example force aspect, itself “smart power” and “geotechnical” in two.  ”Tai Chi” is a force of “borrowing”, and only practitioners often can perhaps play a little.”Qiao” Although similar to the “leveraging” but there are two differences, under normal circumstances, but also relies on a “gesture” to play out.Under normal circumstances, the use of “smart power” although it must “exercise”, but it can be done within a short time.  ”Wing Chun” There is a saying inch King, that is, in short distance can play a great power.Of course, these are not three days and two-day affair, which also need to explore to complete.  But no matter what kind of hard, just want to do the registration and fast, then you must relax all.In the completion of “force” in the process, which also requires a prelude to the “estimate”.  In other words, the “target” is very important, just slightly off, then all “force” sent automatically vanish.Many martial arts because do not understand this truth, only know how to blindly act recklessly, and consequently is not the end!  As a strong physical body of “martial arts”, if the sense of “martial arts” that only strong physical body, I believe no one will go to martial arts.This is the kind of stuff to improve hitting skills, become an “excuse” because there is no “excuse” would be difficult to develop!  The simpler, people have to eat, you need money to eat.And because “money”, they mess everything thoroughly.In fact, sometimes “Virtue” is an elusive thing, the so-called “experts a shot, glance there is no” saying, often connected to “lay watch, experts see Road” in the.Thus, it is difficult to understand or do not want to face all sorts, but life and death does not recognize, there is no humility in the social reality!  Another example of those “believers”, the day of worship burn incense, but do not understand even the most basic things.Eventually, the confused generation after generation, generation as a generation!  ”People” in “certain” period is the most kind of “training”, in accordance with the conditions, “martial arts”, you can say “people,” which has already exceeded.So, some people advocate “quitting brave victory” point of view is just like shit, Do not you see, that the results can be silent and speechless moment of peace in exchange for?  So, as the “Wushu”, meaning it began broad and deep progressive, in some respects, “patient” is a “Takenori” beat knees and knees can be considered a “Takenori”.So, there will be a number of people after a shameless these still heads held high, but not as a “disgrace” and think Endeavor!  Originally “martial arts” is concerned, it should be part of the “National” A “movement”.Later, because of their own problems to relate to “all the people”, and vaguely between, tide to low tide on another story!  About “Germany”, perhaps a “repair”.So profound that people play, whether at that time, regardless of his position or rank is how high, is often ignorant of frogs!  ”Declaration” era often times and service, “unruffled” variety “Declaration” in, but often, to eventually become the handle of another era!