Part one: Who would have thought that I had the courage I will not bow to all of the difficulties, but now, I can not let a loss of courage to go have a trace of wind and rain to see the earth.What clouds the past considered?Once as a single word of the oath that scattered like ashes, I can not look up, did not dare to think about the future path.before.So take refuge in a person’s house to enjoy smoking, so he still does not contact people and.Once I said, do not give up no matter how hard, once, I believe I am only one night so fast, I have changed.So I have to believe in fate tortured past, like the arrogance of the songs have now become decadent sentimental song after another song, just so fast, I am no longer a me.There are so afraid of, what kind of life is how?Man is but a beginning of a biological target, so now we have exactly what is it |?Are big, but only confused, confusion all the way.Color of the sky, the age of innocence, then left a man and a blurred children.I finally know why some people could not have been successful, and those things seem to look simple but not so simple, when we touch the time to start worrying worry, that is not so easy, so frightened, so do not dare to face refuge in the warm embrace of the final emotion, success really is not so simple, then there is no experience to frighten secular people, so teach your children not yet formed.To and fro staged scenes of drama.Flowers, rivers, mountains waiting for us to open up, into the countless heroes bow down, what a ridiculous joke, but people still indulged in one of carried away, even if the world stopped, but only temporarily.One day, people interested in changing the world, so he is some feeling some envy jealous about it, until the disappearance of the fleeting years, so he is one of emotion, was another sigh Hush is some ridicule.Torrents of river water, the fish will not change direction, but the fish wiseacre thought he could, and no one as proud as proud of everyone, just a touch to the years when we play there’s no face go shadow, then stagnated thoughts drifting all the way, eventually the displaced.Those wings broken in the valley of the children crying, but no one would listen to no one to comfort, the world fell into darkness.Part 2: If, brave has been less like to read novels, the story always feel old-fashioned and unreal.I see a novel in the library, very fresh cover, but with a subtle sadness, so he borrowed the back bedroom.Put a week, yesterday finally rediscovered its existence.Positive review does not want to see it anyway fiction.  Although the novel is to see it yesterday, but I could not think how the name of that book, but strong feelings.Think also long time did not write anything, leave marks or, as is the memory of my rare read a novel.(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) because some people envy each other and become friends, and because of jealousy and achieve extraordinary harm.Some people never really spoke out, always misunderstood, miss.Some people pretending to be strong, the smile left in the world, the tears hidden in the darkness.So, people thought they were not hurt, people do not need to care, then, it really only ourselves.Some people looked very proud, in fact, has been careful to protect their self-esteem.  ”If you have been the same, how wonderful!”But who would not change it?Marshes, who stick to the place, stick to the oath?But that oath itself, it has a lot of uncertain factors it?Once I thought that love is eternal.The idea of what those black and white in the past, already scattered in the fragmented memory.Even how hard we try, we could not piece together a complete picture.  ”I’m tired, break up!”Short words, how many points to pull off and sad?I thought I saw the back of the boy to leave, tired eyes, and perhaps tears.He did not look back, just smoking a cigarette.He has been in love, but the feelings of uncertainty eventually gave him the choice to give up.Perhaps he was really tired.To catch up again and again, again and again compromise, but it is not enough self-confidence.He recalled, love to hate.He slapstick, decadent, trying to return the girl sad tears, to prove she still cares.However, nothing.  ”I’m sorry, I can not let you see my tears.I can not let people know, I was really hurt you.”Girls harder obsessed with learning, laughing, clamor, her high-profile life, for fear others do not know her happiness.Fortunately, there are so few real friends accompanied accompany her through the most difficult time, urging her to study hard.They did not even ask her what happened in the end, just do not know what happens when, as she had to be.Finally, she no longer escape, when met him, affectionately he cried, shouting like such a common friend.Only the dead of night, no one knew she was hiding in the house of a person is secretly cry.  Ten years later, she was still struggling to find his shadow.Ten years later, he learned that she sent a deep love Lucky Lane.But, never missed.Ten years, enough so that they become strangers.Although they still love each other; though, they are a bridge, a bridge in.But they have never missed.When he finally knew her deep love of the bone marrow, when she finally proud despite his careful maintenance, time, and they made a joke.Because young, so missed.Because love, so hurt.Because of the loss, so miss.  I often wondered why people in love can not go forever?Stubborn child, sincere love, yet deep, deep hurt each other.They too sensitive, they too serious, they stubbornly think that letting go is happiness.”You have not told me how happy?”Since love, there is no reason must be separated?Since love, what right has decided to leave for another?Since love, let go is a can not forgive sins.Because I have nothing but you.  That probably should not love the old, teachers and parents that they did not follow the established route to go.They rebel in love with, is also sensitive to hidden; they enjoy the envy of Beauty, also endured another lonely heart.Then, one day, when finally one party can not afford their vigorous love is over.They are careful to disguise themselves, do not make people feel that they have been hurt each other anymore.They walked calmly from the other side, with their friends laugh, did not forget to vote each other a happy smile, the whole world of people think they are really happy.Then, to have a great understanding hearts broken, never pick it up.  I often think, maybe, they are not brave.They dare not face the parents and teachers of rap, because they dare not lose too much love, they do not dare to express their own true love, they do not dare to let people know the pain they have suffered.They are not brave enough, they have too many worries.As a result, they lost each other.Hard sealed memory, or awakened one day be the familiar scene.Return visit, was nonhuman, where song and laughter yesterday?  If we are still brave, the outcome will be different?If we are still brave, Are you still with me?I like to pursue further, if that is the only way of ending their rightful.However, if this, in the world and where many more tragedies?  However, for the novel, if not a happy end, the story would be no room for the development of the.Perhaps, such an outcome more attractive to readers, it is more thought-provoking?But in real life, we can really learn from it?Many people are not afraid of.We still follow the established laws go, refused to take a step.Like “If you love, your love,” Lane said: “When I want to puppy love, but it has been found that a young puppy love.”Many times, we are not brave for his regret with, but never unwilling to change.When the youth flashed, twilight down old, had just contrition did not stick to their feelings of courage, never brave chase their dreams.Because of fear of failure and not try that recall is so boring.That we can do some brave?Not so timid, do not put too much into young adult life of “reason”.  If, brave.Perhaps, perfect.