Grass poison woman of few words is disturbed, the subconscious will have to lower insanity, but this time Bi Ying happened after, and quickly helped one of her live, some angry stare a big fellow.
  It relied on the sweat you are a guest, plus a drink a little more, then some 得理不饶人 clamor up: “What do you mean you his mother!Who do stare!It was to spend, not you come here to see his mother’s face!”
  ”You do not how little civic-minded, this mother so old, and people can not hit a little courtesy.”Bi Ying very angry.
  Even if the other side is the customer, the customer is God, but she still can not bear to go.
  Although the Bi Ying has no memory of her mother, but the child talk to her brother too, because the family was poor, his mother often subject to abuse those rude people.
  So she and others will have some different feelings.
  ”You fucking say it a try!”Bi Ying Han, pointing shouting and said:” Is not no boss to teach you how to speak to guests ah!”
  This time Wang Yong wife immediately came to protect the Bi Ying, Han repeatedly to apologize: “Sorry, little children down.”
  ”I explained to his mother less, I.”Han said wielded huge slap people want to smoke!
  However, it is clamped his wrist in mid-air