”Su dumping, it is?”Six concubine looked in the mirror, suddenly said:” You will comb?”
  Su pour on the table is missing half a comb to get up and help her dish up hair apart, “is to be re-issued plate?”
  Because are chronically malnourished, her hair dry yellow, wrapped into a ball,杭州桑拿 six concubine suddenly stretched skinny hand, holding her wrists, fingers habitually shaking: “Do not comb the.Braid, will you?”
  Su dumping startled a little, braids, is not married country girl’s hairstyle.
  Su pour stroked her hair like hay, six concubine long silent, suddenly spoke up: “When I was young, like you, like the United States.”
  She grinned, revealing that a jagged teeth: “But I, too soft bones.”
  She gently rubbed the tobacco rod in his hand, as if to touch lover: “Yes, if it does not soft, how it tied to a lifetime?”
  Her hair can not afford to pull, one to fall back on the Soviet Union pour, pour the Soviet Union backs anxious born Khan, it is still difficult to strandentwining.
  ”I can not be edited?”Six concubine laugh, Su dumping found her eyes became so bright, originally with a little tear.She said北京夜网: “Programming can not, then forget.”
  She yawned very slowly.Smoker, always loved about what to yawn, yawn kick, her tears will be more than, Angela hanging in the eyes of people the illusion of this pair of beautiful eyes have had God.
  She ethereal smile: “I do not know, people like me, how can, give birth to the son of a bone so ha上海夜网rd.”
  Voice hardly ever, she was a loose hand, tobacco stems “pop” it fell to the ground.
  Su dumping surprised, want to pick up for her, I do not know what the material that tobacco stems, broken into two parts torn up.
  Door also makes “bam” sound open, as if there is a burst of sharp Kazamaki come in, pour the Soviet people a grasp of the wrist area, also followed the hands of the comb roll on the ground.
  Ye skullcap pulled her back, looking at the six concubine indifference: “My wife is to brush your hair with it?”
  Six co