The 8510 farm plain on the north bank of xingkai lake is the place name I later confirmed in my memory. the most previous expression of this land was to call him northeast, which is often called in my heart. he feels warm like the sun.. In addition, it must be said that Dangbi Town is not really a memory that has not been erased in memory, just because it once had a good leather hat, thus remembering Dangbi Town and Linhu Town..     In the southeast corner of Linhu Village, there is a hill full of white woods. Southerners were still sleeping when the first ray of sunshine appeared. At 4: 00 in the morning, the great plain of 8510 Farm was already flushed with orange-red warm light.! The hills are bright and clean as if they were wearing warm colored gauze, clear and clear, bright and full of life’s red, as if she were pregnant with the earth, nourishing everything on the plain with constant care every day. She is the earliest sun on China’s territory and a tribute to life..     The hills full of white woods are the first place to meet the sun in my mind. The hillock was the first to quietly disappear in the night and wake up for her in the morning light every day.. In addition to the tall, short, dense trees and winding vines, the hills on the Great Plains can not see the towering hanging rocks. She is actually an arc on the Great Plains, an inflection point in her vision, the first shrine to show her open face in the cloud and mist, but she is also the longing of many families in which village..     All the mornings and even the countless afternoons of the setting sun show her special serenity, resembling a tight net, wrapping the hillock around it. The hillock’s dam reclamation once built many remnant walls with earth bricks, which seemed to be broken and even turned into ruins. The wild grass that lives on the edge seemed to express a kind of isolated message. The grass next to the ground is some unknown, nearly withered and yellow weeds. The grass pole is full of seeds with strong adhesion and wild wild nature. It is withered and undead, and retains its identity as guardian, or passes by unintentionally. The decaying but adhering spider web ties together some dead insect carcasses and makes you tired of hair. It is strung around the branches to stop you from travelling and is not intended to give you a choice of road at all.. The grass seeds stick to the trouser legs like an invisible hand pulling you to prevent you from looking for these underground castles protected by them.. The trees are also of the kind that grow in disorder, with no trace of pruning or felling. They are completely a place in the primitive state.. Grandma is buried here.     This is a silent world, where grandma sleeps quietly.     The hills are full of thorns and vines and grass, and the terrain is slowly higher than the plain land. When the sky is clear of fish-belly grey, the sun will not be stingy on the hills full of white trees.. Even this warmth was my feeling at that time, only this ray of sunshine always accompanied grandma with warmth. And in my impression at that time, it was a long time ago. Grandma is also like a story in my life, no matter how I crawl, it is difficult to return to her!     Granny’s grave is an earthen bag that is above the ground. It is flooded with the same weeds as the surrounding area. There is no tombstone sign for us to identify. In my heart, I think Granny does not have her name very much.! She is just an old man who has simply raised a group of children, including my mother, and this group of children and even my mother probably live a life of poverty. No one took money to show off grandma to future generations, saying, ” I close my eyes and rest to offer a devout silence to the soil above the ground, and I want to respect her from my heart.”! This kind of heart-felt respect even exceeds my respect for my mother! A moment of silence belongs to my inner deep feeling and is also full of mother’s deep feeling, but I can’t represent my mother’s deep kindness. I should kneel down at grandma’s tomb to express my sincere gratitude.!     When I was born and remember, it seemed that my mother did not introduce me to the records from here. It was true that there were many injustices and even helplessness between me and my mother. At that time, my mother encouraged me to grow up faster with her weak and sickly body, hoping me to grow up better, giving me life education, passing on her mother’s character to me, passing on her mother’s loyal character to me, and giving me a better understanding of her kindness in her mother’s body all the time.. In front of grandma’s tomb, I didn’t see the tombstone, didn’t see the words carved on the tombstone, and I had to remember in my heart this sunrise – bathed hill and this warm white forest, which grandma made us think about..     My grandmother died when I was born, and I have no memory of her.!     My grandma’s tomb faces south, and my grandfather is also buried here. I can only remember blankly that this is the place where grandma and grandpa return, the only world they stick to after their life, and many psychological questions can’t be inquired about. these questions should actually be told to me by my mother, but perhaps, maybe we are too far apart and my mother can’t tell me intuitively the experiences that my parents have nurtured. I really can’t think of what grandma and grandpa look like and how kind they are.. Without photos of grandma and grandpa, maybe they were living in frontier villages and did not enjoy the rich life of taking photos.. The failure to meet my grandma and grandpa seems to be a fault of life. I can’t really connect this family’s history with myself. I can only stay with my father and mother and leave them at a distance, including the land that gave me life.! The endless nostalgia brought about by years and life makes the heart unutterable, vacant and bitter.! As if the tree of the mind had only one desert, it was about the experiences of the grandmothers and grandfathers and their stories, and his fault left me endless… Also left enough acacia.     The great plain is full of hills in Bai Shu. The sun is like blood, the earth is pale and red, the earth is covered with grass and thorns, there is no tombstone to record, there is no life, and grandma is resting in the mountain forest with her name erased. I can only think: grandma, you have actually merged into the perennial parasitic thorns and endless white woods, you are the mother’s’ land’, your blood, and the source of endless growth.!