There are so many unhappy people in life, often because they think too much, care too much and care too much. In fact, happiness is everywhere. If it is as simple and simple as a child, it may be easier to find happiness.   The deepest and most peaceful happiness is to watch heaven and earth and the world, and slowly taste its beauty and harmony. At first glance, this happiness may seem bland, but in fact it is far-reaching and long – lasting. In me, the enjoyment of life is in it. This is Sanmao’s theory of happiness. I appreciate it.     Life, there is never an exact definition. Like a cup of gradually cooling tea, at first, it was definitely green, and after ups and downs, it was calm.. Can be cool state of mind, can also be gradually numb.     And happiness is a part of life. I can’t write the truth. I only think that happiness is a feeling I set. A childhood, a dream, a memory, or a painting, a word, and a look will all be happy and simple.     The night is getting deeper and deeper. I like this night night, it silences all the hustle and bustle during the day, and it is thick and real. Day and night, simple and clear. Yes, light a cigarette, listen to a piece of light music, and follow those thoughts? a href = ‘ http : / / sanwenzx. Communication / attachment / search. Junior Professional Officers? KW Type = 0 & KEYWORD = + % C1 % F4′ TARGET =’ _ BLANK’ > Stay in Difficult Tao ( US )? a href = ‘ http : / / sanwenzx. com / sanwenzhuanti / 2009 / 1028 / 11531. HTML’ Target =’ _ Blank’ > Years. Those childhood with bright sunshine, wearing dust, simple and simple.     Many things flow like this, like a river flowing quietly. Across the field, through bluestone road, came to the house, the water in the pot had boiled. I added firewood and the youngest sister was in the kitchen, busy making crisp meat. Time is very tight, and nothing must have happened before my mother came back from the fair. It’s a simple joy, just like singing a song, simple notes can’t, don’t understand, what is it? I only want my happiness.     Think about it, childhood happiness is like a flower in a picture, blooming quietly and forever in the beginning. Simplicity, persistence. After time has passed, the National People’s Congress has come to a new definition of happiness. Although happiness is a simple thing, many times we complicate simple things, so we feel happy lost. So it would be nice to dream of being a free fish. In fact, we all don’t know, is the fish happy in the water? Will it be as lonely and lonely as people?     Perhaps, fish also have unhappy time! I think. In fact, if you think about it again, whether you are happy or not, you should not look at the appearance, but a feeling naturally bred from your heart..     If friends come from afar. Drink a little wine, not drunk, not noisy. Will be heavily carried on the shoulder of the load, gently put down, drag some cling to work, gently loosen, relief. The heart also becomes simple. Talk about some easy topics and say that some time hidden in the bottom of my heart is pleasant without distance or hypocrisy.. This is the feeling, surrounded only by happiness.     Life, there are so many unhappy, often because think too much, care too much, care too much.In fact, happiness is everywhere. If it is as simple and simple as a child, it may be easier to find happiness.     For example, a passage can also make you happy: ” I also think the simplest thing is the most convenient way to get there.”. Your quiet existence elsewhere, I’m here to tell you that September will come after August. Summer is very hot and autumn is very cold. ‘ because simple, because cool, outflow of words, also relief. Only love life, understand life, know to put down, understand to find, will enjoy such a faint happiness in my heart.     A painting, too. You stand in front of it, easily attracted by the color and composition of the image. Read on, understand, that kind of deep image expression will make you hold your breath. Perhaps, it is a kind of feeling, as if to see oneself reflected in the shadow of the water, with the color of sunshine falling on it, trembling slightly.. That’s the expression of joy, that’s the interpretation of happiness.     In the world, there are too many trivial things and endless memories. A simple me, wandering in the world, watching the moon fall and the sun rise, always has the coolness of the passage of time. As a result, we can’t help but be intoxicated with the past. However, it took time and distance to sit down with memories and talk about the past, only to find that the repressed things are much lighter.. Those corners that were once reluctant to touch, like a vase placed, are beautiful and attractive, but they should be seriously faced. Also like life, need to cherish.     Read so far, I have reason to believe that memories are some beautiful highlights. Is a kind of relief state of mind. It is also a happy time.     San Mao said: ” True and profound happiness is not likely to make others understand.”. I agree with you very much. Think of some small things. My wife, who is busy in the kitchen, said to me watching TV, ” If you can help me clean vegetables, I will have a reward.”! I asked, ” What is the prize?”? Answer: ” Eat a few more pieces of sichuan style stew pork.”. Return to the pot, that’s my favorite. I’m glad to wash it.     On the other day, when I was drinking, I had just finished a cup, and my son, over three years old, suddenly put down his chopsticks, picked up the bottle and filled me with a full cup.. Look at his serious and clever appearance, the whole family is happy.     Perhaps, this is the real profound happiness, but only one’s own will. In addition to heart, feeling, gratitude, and the taste of happiness.     Of course, the feeling of happiness is far more than that. Listen to a song, see a cloud, a long journey, a beautiful encounter . Ah, they are all happy. Happiness is everywhere. You should set your own heart.     God has never said to the world, ” Heaven will grow blue, birds will grow crow, and flowers will grow .” But with happiness, smiles will always grow, hearts and flowers will always bloom, and happiness will naturally grow.