10 advice to young people 10 advice to young people of 10 advice to young people 1, work to work, live casually over four or five years is too little effort had also been four or five years, efforts over four or five years is over, why not strive to properly dry.If the effort is too good four or five years after graduation, which is very helpful for our future life.2, learn from and more and bigger than themselves (elders) / exchange of successful people to learn, to listen carefully / careful analysis of their opinions and suggestions, in order to avoid their future detours.3, free to do things outside it, is the key to freedom, happy, can acquire knowledge.Every step analysis, not because of some small points of interest restricts their freedom.Remember, before the age of 30, do not be too concerned about their savings and jobs, which is too trivial for the future.As shown, the target 21 days to participate in a training camp, and methods to improve the quality of their own about the goals of 4.The goal of life must be the goal, not just cause (to make money), and other aspects have to have a goal, such as love target area, target health, the family’s goals.Each target should pay attention.Only money, not successful in life, sooner or later will be a short-barrel effect.5, plans to give yourself a five-year plan, Ten-Year Plan.Each quarter to do something, do something every month, or even do something every day.Do unexamined day.What plans do not dare say the change after a few years you will find that over the years there has been no goals, nothing made.6, but unfortunately if you have done the above, I guess your time flies.Not because of mediocrity and remorse!I often hear people say so and so: this life, just like yesterday, like today.Mao Zedong said: Heaven and Earth time presses.ten thousand years is too long, fight for now.Over the past thirty-eight years, pronto.7, understand the society to know more about society, more practice.Multi-causal analysis of certain social phenomena stakes.Some careful analysis of what is happening around.To face the dark side of society, the analysis of certain unhealthy trends in society, not lofty pride, and do not follow the crowd.Sometimes we do things that are needed in this area to help.8. Do not be afraid of poverty might not have your family hundreds of thousands of millions.Daring to do things, do not be afraid of poverty.Even if we fail to do something, we’d think back to the beginning and poor.9, hard not afraid of hardship.In the start-up stage we want is fame, experience, sometimes you can compete with others in the case of preservation at low prices.We sell a point of living brain, the effort to live, young, sleep together everything restored.10, cooperation should not work with others, to cooperate with others to consider the pros and cons of good.If you have an idea shop and go as quickly as possible, a person trying to dry, dry their lives.To almost dry, have the capital, you can work with others in the short term.In cooperation with the goal must be clear!